You have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the potato hiding among the bears in this optical illusion in five seconds | The Sun

YOU have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the potato hiding among the bears in this optical illusion – but you only have five seconds.

In this cute cartoon of a group of bears is a sneaky hidden vegetable but finding it may be harder than you think.

The pesky potato is camouflaged into this party scene which sees bears in striped hats and holding white flowers.

The colours may be distracting but if you focus your attention eyesight in one particular area, you may spot something suspicious.

Puzzlers online have been left scratching their heads over the location of the potato but we challenge you to find it in just five seconds.

It's said that those who locate the potato in the given timeframe may just have the eyes of a predator.


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Optical illusions are quickly becoming a popular daily activity for those who want to test not only their eyesight – but their brainpower too.

But don't worry if you're struggling to spot the rogue potato as we have the solution below.

If you focus on the bottom left hand corner, you might just see a cartoon that doesn't quite fit in to the rest of the image.

Spotted it yet?

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