You should reconsider buying makeup at Aldi. Here’s why

There are plenty of great products you can pick up at Aldi, all for amazing prices. It’s unsurprising the German grocery giant is quietly taking over the States. Aside from boasting tons of brilliant deals on food and other household items, Aldi has a no-frills approach to layout, which means customers can easily run in and pick up what they need without getting lost in the aisles, as well as a nifty checkout setup, which ensures you never spend too long waiting in line. Aldi is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for affordable fashion, too, and is already the go-to for cute home goods.

However, there are certain items you should avoid purchasing at Aldi, even when you’re trying to save money. Sometimes there’s a big difference between getting something for a reasonable price at Aldi and getting it elsewhere, perhaps even for slightly more, while actually saving yourself in the long run. In particular, although it might seem like a great idea in theory, Aldi’s own-brand makeup is a no-go.

Aldi tried to emulate more expensive makeup brands

Aldi’s own-brand makeup is ideally supposed to target consumers who want to paint their faces without the hefty price tag. However, Aldi got into hot water when, according to The National Law Review, they were sued by Charlotte Tilbury for copyright infringement over the blatant similarities between the two companies’ stylish packaging. According to Tilbury, Aldi’s “Broadway Shape and Glow,” which retailed for £6.99, looked just like the iconic “Filmstar Bronze & Glow” product, which retails for a much higher £49.

As per The Mirror, via Hello!, after Aldi’s packaging was confirmed to feature the same starburst and diamond shapes as Tilbury’s, the German grocery giant lost the case. Aldi allegedly tried to match their products to similar offerings from high-end brands like Chanel and Urban Decay, too. Refinery 29 compared the Aldi knockoffs to their more expensive counterparts and noted how “scarily identical” the packaging is, even if the actual products aren’t quite as high quality. 

Aldi's cheaper makeup isn't great quality either

That’s the other issue, of course, with Aldi makeup: the quality of the products themselves. A reporter from HuffPost wore Aldi’s makeup for a day to see how it held up and found herself highly disappointed. Aldi’s Illusion Touch 2-in-1 concealer and foundation made the writer’s skin oilier than it had ever been before, while the eyeshadows, bronzers, and lipsticks were difficult to blend and not terribly long lasting either. The bronzer, in particular, didn’t hold a candle to the beloved Benefit variety it was clearly trying to emulate.

Likewise, a reporter from Good Housekeeping noted Aldi’s BB cream not only didn’t cover blemishes, but actually accentuated the dark circles under her eyes. The concealer wasn’t true to shade, either, in spite of being the darkest variety on offer. She did, however, report that everything lasted well overall. Or, at least, better than expected. Only the mascara came out of the HuffPost experiment well, while the lipgloss got the thumbs up from Good Housekeeping — which isn’t great among a whole range of products.

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