You’ve been boiling your eggs all wrong – and the temperature of the water is key

EGGS are a breakfast staple, so why do even the most advanced of home cooks still struggle to make them?

Well, according to expert chefs at Hello Fresh, it may all be down to the wrong water temperature.

The foodies have revealed their top tips on how to achieve the perfect soft boiled dippy egg every time – and there's no undercooked whites or hard yolks in sight.

And the biggest secret of all? Starting off with cold water.

“Some people put the eggs into boiling water, but did you know that if you add the egg into cold water and then place it on the heat, you’ve got a higher chance of being able to control the outcome?" they explained, as reported by the Daily Star.

“You just need to put the egg in cold water and then bring it to the boil.


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"Once it’s boiling – the bubbles should be bursting at the surface of the water – take it off the heat and cover the top with a lid."

They then went on to urge amateur cooks to take a look at their egg chart and to select their ideal yolk.


It advises that two minutes is the optimum time for those who like their eggs really runny with a partially set yolk.

However, if you prefer a fully set egg and runny yolk, then eggs should be left in the saucepan for four minutes.

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However, if a jammy yolk and set white is more your preference, then aim for six minutes.

Alternatively, the experts advise an almost hard boiled egg will take longest, at around eight minutes.

"You should only leave the egg in the hot water for the amount of time next to your favourite kind of boiled egg," they added.

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