7 celebrities dealing with pregnancy while self-isolating: from Vogue Williams to Katy Perry

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Many women who are experiencing pregnancy will probably tell you that it's one of the greatest joys of their lives – but that was before we were all told to self-isolate! Ever-changing hormones, cravings, sickness, they're all part and parcel of carrying a child into the world. But imagine going through all these emotions and having nowhere to escape but another room in your home? It honestly doesn't bare thinking about. So let's spare a thought for all those women who are going through it right now. You're doing great! And just because you're a celebrity doesn't mean you can avoid it either. Sure, you probably have a choice of rooms in a luxury mansion to 'vacation' in, but how long will that help? Let's take a look at how some celebs are coping with being pregnant in lockdown…

Vogue Williams

Vogue Williams and husband Spencer Matthews recently announced their pregnancy news in an exclusive interview and photoshoot with HELLO!. The couple are expecting their second child – a girl – due in summer and Vogue is five and a half months pregnant. At the moment, she appears to be coping well, revealing that the best thing to come out of self-isolating is "the amount of time I’m getting to spend with T and Spen". However, like anyone, she admitted she does have days where she struggles. "I had a bit of an off day yesterday but I think we all need to accept that will happen but stay positive and the following day will feel easier… sending love to everyone," she wrote on Instagram.

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Millie Mackintosh

Millie Mackintosh is expecting a baby girl with husband Hugo Taylor, and it seems that exercise is helping her cope. Millie is no stranger to working out and often shares clips on social media to help inspire others to get into shape. During lockdown she's been adapting her exercises to make them easier to do at home, admitting she's not even missing the gym. Sharing a photo of her blossoming baby bump on Instagram, she wrote: "Staying safe and staying active has never been easier. Full body, prenatal home workouts by @bodybysimone have made me feel super strong in preparation for my baby girl’s arrival. It’s been so useful to me these last few weeks and surprisingly I haven’t missed the gym at all!"

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Katy Perry

Katy Perry is expecting her first child with fiancé Orlando Bloom and recently admitted she has got to the stage where she doesn't even know what day it is! Sharing a photo of herself eating a pickle and wearing a jumper with the words, "How soon is now?" written across the top, she wrote: "wHaT dAy Is It Even #stayhomeclub." Katy has also been keeping herself occupied by sharing some gorgeous snaps pre-isolation.

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Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella founder Ella Mills announced her pregnancy last month and is using her daily one-hour of outdoor exercise – as allowed by the government during lockdown – to enjoy gentle walks with her husband and daughter. Sharing her exciting news on Instagram, Ella wrote: "We’re feeling so lucky to hold on to something so special while the world feels so topsy turvy, and whilst of course it’s a little unnerving to be navigating pregnancy in this climate, we are just so incredibly grateful. Like everyone else, we’re staying quietly at home, taking Austin and Skye out for a little daily walk on our own."

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Sheridan Smith

Sheridan Smith and her fiancé Jamie Horn are expecting a little boy. Aww! Sadly for the actress, she recently revealed that due to the lockdown, she won't be able to attend any more ultrasounds for the foreseeable future. Sharing a 3D scan of her son on Instagram, she revealed: "I’ve just been told that I won’t see this little face for a while now because of lockdown, so thought I’d share his beautiful chubby chops with you guys to cheer me up. So grateful we got to @tummy_2_mummy & @donna.grant.75033 for these pics a few weeks ago, I can look at them every day now till he’s born hope everyone is doing ok during this crazy time."

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Nikki Bella

Former Strictly dancer Artem Chigvintsev and his fiancée, WWE star Nikki Bella, are expecting their first child later this year. Nikki and her twin sister Brie are actually pregnant at the same time, but Nikki recently admitted that she has also been reaching out to other pregnant women for advice. She wrote on Instagram: "Being pregnant for the first time, yes I have been lucky to have Brie, but it’s been amazing getting advice and support from other women at a similar stage in pregnancy like me. I have realized how important this is and how much I need it! Especially during times like these where there is so much anxiety, stress, and uncertainty."

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Dee Koppang

Dermot O'Leary's wife Dee Koppang is pregnant with their first child, and recently admitted that she is in an "isolation online rabbit hole". Dee is using her time at home to stock up on bits and pieces for the baby, even showing off an adorable babygrow she bought during a round of "#isoaltionbabyshopping". The cute onesie she bought reads "Milking It" across the front and it's so cute! 

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Reese Witherspoon's Draper James Is Gifting Teachers Free Dresses During the Lockdown

Reese Witherspoon’s Draper James Is Gifting Teachers Free Dresses During the Lockdown

Reese Witherspoon’s brand Draper James wants to thank teachers who are tirelessly working to educate children during this unprecedented time. Since many teachers are working hard to transition their classrooms to remote-learning platforms, the brand wants to give back. To show its enormous appreciation, Draper James is giving free dresses to teachers across the country through a new “Draper James ❤️ Teachers” initiative.

“These past few weeks have shown me so much about humanity. I’m an eternal optimist, so I always look for the bright side of things. And I have been so encouraged by the ways people are really showing up for each other. Particularly the teachers. During quarantine, teachers are broadcasting lessons from their own homes and figuring out new remote-learning technology and platforms on the fly, all while continuing to educate and connect with our kids. Advocating for the children of the world is no easy task, so I wanted to show teachers a little extra love right now,” Reese said in a press release.

Teachers can enter their information through Sunday, April 5, at 11:59 p.m. EDT on this Google Form. On Tuesday, April 7, eligible teachers will receive an email from Draper James with details to receive their complimentary dress. The brand will also offer teachers 25 percent off online orders for Teacher Appreciation Day on May 5.

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Mum posts heartbreaking picture of grieving husband stuck behind a door after being told by phone their baby had died

THIS is the devastating moment a dad broke down after finding out his baby girl had died via speaker phone and behind a closed hospital door.

Mum Sarah Gliem, from Pennsylvania, gave Fabulous permission to print the heartbreaking picture to let the public know the true human impact self-isolation and coronavirus is having – and to remind people to stay indoors.

⚠️ Read our coronavirus live blog for the latest news & updates

Sarah, also mum to Collin, told how she was at home self-isolating when she started to bleed and rushed with her husband Jared to hospital.

But, on arrival, she was whisked to a room and told – because of coronavirus – Jared was not allowed in.

There she learnt their baby girl, who they had named Cameron, had died.

She was the second of their children to pass away after little Chloe also died.


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It took the couple 15 months and hormone treatment to fall pregnant with Cameron.

She told Fabulous: "Jared wasn’t permitted even in the waiting room because of covid-19.

"As I was checking in I was asking if he could come back with me because we thought we were having a miscarriage. When they said no I began to sob.

"He watched me through the glass door and was texting me.

"He told me I don’t have to be the superhero in every situation and that it was okay to not be strong enough for this.

"I snapped his picture when he wasn’t looking because… I wanted to always remember that in times of trouble that no matter what we had each other’s back even if we weren’t together."

Imagine sitting in a hallway crying because you found out your dream of becoming a parent to a breathing, warm, growing child was gone again.

In her blog she said: "As I laid on the exam table with Jared on speaker phone, we got the news that no parent ever wants to hear… again, 'there was no longer a heartbeat'."

"To say that I didn’t cry harder at hearing Jared through the phone is an understatement," she added.

"He had NOBODY to comfort him.

"Imagine sitting in a hallway crying because you found out your dream of becoming a parent to a breathing, warm, growing child was gone again.

"I was just so angry. Angry that people can’t stay home, angry that people aren’t taking this seriously, angry that I didn’t get to hug my husband when we found out that this baby was gone too."

Desperate mums were forced to turn to eBay for baby milk after shops sold out – and were shocked to find it on sale for £155.

And this mum told how she battled swine flu, as coronavirus grips the world.

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Mum gets her grimy baking tray looking sparkling new using just a 2p coin and £1 cleaning paste

WE'RE not exaggerating when we say this – our grease-stained baking tray has become our absolute nemesis when it comes to cleaning.

Why? Because no matter how hard we try, nothing ever seems to shift the baked-on food debris.

That said, one savvy woman has revealed how she got her oven tray looking as good as new using Mrs Hinch's favourite cleaning product.

Turning to the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It for help, the woman wrote: "Any tips on how to get all the black off this oven tray?

"I've tried Elbow Grease, Pink Stuff, Dr Magic, Oven Pride and I've soaked it over night."

But in the end, the woman used a 2p coin to scrape the worst of the burnt food debris off before going back in with The Pink Stuff.

Posting a second photo of her freshly-cleaned baking tray, the woman explained: "Looking 100 times better. Thanks for all the tips.

"Soaked it in boiling water and scraped off with a 2p coin."

After she'd got the worst of the grime off, the woman then scrubbed the tray down with a scouring pad and The Pink Stuff.

She added: "Alot of work but good result – just need to keep on top of it now."

Needless to say, other members of the group were impressed by her efforts.

  • The Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaning Paste, £1 from Robert Dyas – buy now

One replied: "Wow, that's amazing."

Another added: "That's it! I'm scrubbing all my baking trays tomorrow."

What's more, other cleaning fans have also used 2p coins to get rid of limescale around their sinks – and were amazed by how quickly it came off.

Meanwhile, this mum-of-five raved about The Pink Stuff after it completely transformed her filthy oven door.

For more incredible cleaning hacks, Mrs Hinch got her jewellery looking sparkling new with a £1 Stardrops spray.

And this cleaning fanatic used an 89p paste to transform her crockery which was so scratched she almost binned the whole set.

Plus mums are praising a £2.50 Home Bargains spray for speeding up ironing by instantly getting rid of creases in clothes.

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Can you guess the TV & film characters from their block versions? – The Sun

ARE you angling for a challenge? Then square up to this great quiz based on geometric blocks.

Some of the most popular characters from TV and the big screen have been simplified in a fun graphic puzzle that has kept people guessing on social media. Give it a go and if you get rec-tangled up, you can find the answers below . . .


  1. Wallace and Gromit;
  2. Family Guy;
  3. Tom and Jerry;
  4. Toy Story;
  5. The Flintstones;
  6. Deadpool;
  7. Minions;
  8. South Park;
  9. Star Wars;
  10. Star Trek;
  11. Mario Bros;
  12. Futurama;
  13. Danger Mouse and Penfold;
  14. Mickey and Minnie Mouse;
  15. Batman;
  16. Bugs Bunny
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Nike’s Newest Sneaker Release Has a Cool Collapsable Heel

Slip-on sneakers remind me of the seventh grade and remind me nothing of streetwear. Well, they did at least. Until this week, when I saw Nike’s new Air Max 90 FlyEase shoe that is cool and fun and looks nothing like the slip-on sneakers that come to mind from middle school.

That’s the beautiful thing about style right now: Functionality is in, for ironic purposes and for not. Chunky dad shoes went from bad to ironic bad to actually good. Birkenstocks and socks made a comeback. Honestly, right now in footwear fashion, anything is possible.

The Air Max 90 FlyEase shoe and its construction shatters all previously held notions of what a slip-on sneaker entails. The shoe was brought together by the royal family of sneakers, the Hatfields: the silhouette that Tinker made famous, paired with the FlyEase tech Tobie designed. If you’re going to trust anyone with a questionable silhouette, these are your guys.

FlyEase is all about making sneakers, well, easier. Here, that looks like a collapsible heel for seamless slipping in and out of the sneaker. This is extremely convenient for people like me who slip their foot into sneakers and crush the heel in anyway. These are made to bend in and snap back into place, no crushing required.

Nike Air Max 90 FlyEase Sneakers




There couldn’t be a better time for an easy, classic sneaker, either. If you’re trying to instill some normalcy into your day, a cool pair of sneakers is a fresh way to feel reconnected with getting dressed, getting out, and life beyond your couch. Plus, they’re basically made for quarantine-allowed activities, like going for walks outside and getting to the grocery stores.

They are the slippers for guys who don’t like sneakers and the sneakers for guys who don’t like slippers. And this is the time to find little mood boosters in any way you can. A fresh sneaker made for simple, streamlined wearing? It doesn’t get any more feel-good than that.

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How Long Can You Wear Sweatpants Without Washing Them?

So, it’s day 85249 of quarantine and you’ve lost count of how long you’ve been wearing those sweatpants. It’s OK — it happens to everyone. But with loungewear becoming the uniform of choice for the foreseeable future, it’s time to learn how to take care of those beloved sweats so they can last for the long term. If you’re wearing them on a daily basis, that’s all the more reason to implement a stricter washing regimen.

Dr. Joshua Zeichner, director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, tells Bustle that the closer fabrics come to directly touching your skin, the more frequently they should be washed.

“If you are sweating heavily from exercise or you are not showering as often as you should, the garments may become soiled more easily,” Zeichner explains. “Undergarments should be changed and washed daily, ideally so should your sweatpants. Especially in the areas between the legs and in the groin, sweatpants may become contaminated with microorganisms, including yeast and bacteria.”

If daily washes aren’t feasible for you — say you don’t have easy access to a washer and dryer or you run out of detergent — it’s fine to wear those sweats for an extra day or two.

“Leggings and sweats are like undergarments, exposed to natural body temperature, perspiration, and sweat from exercising,” says Katie Brown, owner of Rytina Fine Cleaners in Sacramento. “They should be washed after each use. However, if you wear them inside as loungewear without working out in them, you can skip a wash or two to preserve the elasticity of the material. It’s a personal preference.”

Ahead, experts break down everything you need to know about keeping your favorite sweats as clean and comfy as ever.

How long can you wear sweatpants before washing them?

Again, one day is the ideal. A maximum of four days is a good metric to follow, advises Dr. Peterson Pierre, a board-certified dermatologist in California.

“You can go about three to four days in your sweats or loungewear before washing them,” Pierre says. “Any longer than that, and oils, bacteria, dander, and sweat can accumulate, leading to itchy skin and even an acne flare. It’s important to wash your favorites about twice a week even if you’re not leaving the house.”

How can you keep your favorite loungewear in shape, especially though constant washes?

The expert founders behind The Laundress, Gwen Whiting and Lindsey Boyd, have detailed a step-by-step washing strategy that will keep all your go-to comfy essentials in tip-top shape no matter how many wears you rack up:

What’s the best way to hand wash sweats and loungewear?

First, sort laundry by color, fabric, and construction. If you have a large pile of white cotton garments, you can wash them all together in the tub. For smaller loads, save time and water by opting for the sink or a wash basin.

“In general, it’s easier and less daunting to keep up with the laundry by washing a small load everyday or every other day to avoid it from piling up,” Whiting says. “Washing clothes in the tub is very similar to hand washing in a basin or sink. Before you start washing your items in the tub or sink, be sure to clean it.”

Next, pretreat any stains just as you would when not hand washing your clothing. If you’re washing cotton, linen, and/or durable synthetics (such as polyester), run warm or hot water long enough to cover the garments. Next, add the appropriate amount of detergent depending on the load size — two to four capfuls should suffice.

“Agitate the water with your hands to create a soapy solution and let the garments soak for 30 minutes,” Boyd explains. “Remove the laundry from the tub by pressing each garment against the edge of the tub, and placing in a clean bucket or sink. Then, open the drain to release the soapy water, and close the drain before filling the tub back up with clean warm water.”

Next, place the garments in the clean warm water. Swirl thoroughly to rinse away suds, and drain one more time. If any garments still have suds, run them under the faucet until the rinse water is clear. Don’t wring garments, which could damage fibers. Instead, press garments against the edge of the tub to get rid of excess water. Hang or lay flat to dry. If you’re washing silk or delicate synthetics, follow the same steps in a sink or wash basin, using cool water and a detergent specifically for delicates.

Why is it important to regularly wash your favorite sweats, no matter how infrequently you’re leaving home?

“Perspiration and natural body oils will build up as clothes are re-worn, creating stains and odor-causing bacteria,” Whiting says. “That’s why it’s important to wash them regularly.”

And remember: If you go out in public — even if it’s a five-minute grocery trip — remove your clothes as soon as you get home, place them in the hamper, and change into something clean. Since viruses can live on fabrics, it’s better to play it safe.

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How to do your own eyebrows in lockdown – from tinting to why you shouldn’t pluck daily

THE coronavirus lockdown means we're all having to do our beauty treatments at home… with varying degrees of success.

And while we can just about manage a half-decent manicure, eyebrows really do require some next-level skills.

Fortunately, the experts at Cosmetify have given their tops for maintaining your brows at home – from finding your natural shape to how often you need to pluck.

How often should I be plucking my eyebrows?

There are two types of people in this world: those who pluck their brows every single day and those who prefer getting rid of stray hairs "in one big go".

But according to Cometify's brow whizzes, we should only really be plucking our brows once every three days.

After all, if you pluck too much then you run the risk of some of the hairs not growing back.

Where should I pluck from?

To avoid a razor-thin noughties eyebrow, the experts recommend only plucking stray hairs that appear in the middle of your brow, under the brow bone or around the lid.

Another top tip is to fill in your brows as you normally would in your preferred shape and then only getting rid of stray hairs around them.

How do you figure out your brow's natural size and shape?

To determine the length of your brow, hold a pencil up to your left or right nostril and point it straight up towards your forehead – this is a good indicator where your brow should start.

After this, turn the pencil diagonally, still holding it in line with your nostril to figure out where your brow should end while ensuring it is past your eye’s outer corner.

However, the shape requires a bit more effort.

Take the pencil you were using before, holding it next to your nostril at a 45 degree angle. This indicates where your natural arch should begin.

Your pencil should just be going past your pupil, pointing exactly to exactly to where the brow arch should be. 

How do I know what colour to tint my brows?

As a general rule of thumb, choose a brow dye that is at least one to two shades darker than your natural hair colour (if you have a lighter hair colour).

Dark brown and black hair tones should do the opposite and opt for a colour that is one to two shades lighter for a more natural, flattering finish

In more beauty news, this woman shared her simple tip for making outgrown gel manicures look good as new during self-isolation.

And Lush has created a SINGING soap record which plays Happy Birthday twice to remind people to wash hands amid COVID-19 crisis.

Plus Kim Kardashian’s hairstylist has revealed the £2.50 Primark product is secret behind star’s shiny locks.

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There are five hot cross buns hidden in this oven – so can you spot them all?

EASTER is nearly upon us and that can only mean one thing – it's almost time to stuff our faces with hot cross buns.

To celebrate, Leisure have released a tricky new brainteaser where players have to spot the buns in the following picture that have a small cross on them.

The illustration shows dozens of buns being cooked in three different ovens.

Meanwhile, there are also countless buns waiting to be baked on the top and around the sides.

There are just five crossed buns in total – but can YOU spot them?

And we're not exaggerating when we say this – but this has got to be one of the brainteasers we've come across in a LONG time.

In case you didn't spot them, there's one crossed bun hiding in each of the ovens and two on top of it.

And just because we didn't get them all, we're still going to treat ourselves to a toasted hot cross bun as a reward.

For more brainteasers, the creator of viral movie emoji quiz returned with 15-part TV show version – so how many do YOU know?

And can you guess the celebrity in these Simpsons cameos?

Plus can YOU work out the hilarious puns being acted out in these bizarre pics?

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Shop Your Sign With Our April 2020 Horoscope!

E! Illustration

We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!.

It’s April, dear readers. A new month in a whole new normal for all of us. “Funny how the common wisdom is stay safely home and the astrology favors those who do a little soul searching this month,” notes our resident spiritual advisor Lisa Greenfield. “Because new levels of creativity and breakthroughs happen when you invest some quality time with the inner you.”

“You might be surprised to find you are better company than you realize,” Lisa forecasts. “When you can’t do what you’ve always done, you have two choices: Be bothered or try something new. Even if you can’t start yet, make fresh plans for when things calm down. It’s spring and time for planting seeds of possibility you can enjoy when they mature later this year. Here’s some fun ideas to help you look and feel your best while you do.”

“My impatient rams don’t do well boxed in for long. But this month your imagination is where the wild beasts can be set free. Put those dreams to good use with a MasterClass program. Your compulsive overachieving could set records when it comes to inspired plans and dreams. Visualize your plan of action first so it won’t be to irritating when you have to take it step by step.”

E-Comm: Masterclass

“What a month ahead you have, my stubborn one. Time to put a desktop sand art up to show you how beautiful it can be when the world turns upside down. Take a few minutes each day and admire how gracefully things can flow into place without control. Art emerges with every flip and it’s always perfect. Let that soothe your nerves as things shift and change around you.”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“Oh, you are so good at leaping tall buildings in a single thought. This is a great time to invest in a classic pastime that gives your mind both a focus and rest. Choose a book series that gives you a run for your money, like Tolkein, C.S. Lewis or Ludlum and hold something in your hands while your imagination soars. It gives your brain a world to play in and your body in rest in this one.”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“My homebody gets a boost from the current state of affairs and, surprise, it makes you want to reach out! Invest in beautiful personalized stationery and bring back the art of letters that speak a visual language too. Your inspired communication may wind up framed on a loved ones wall in years to come.”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“Oh, does the world need your light and leadership in these difficult days. I’d upgrade your smartphone so you can stream your sunny self to those who could use your laughter and shine to help brighten a dark day. Who better than a Leo to take center stage and send an uplifting or entertaining message to those in need?”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“The sunshine pours love into your life, even in the midst of social distancing. Take your love up to gold with a Power Gemstone Locket With Manifestation Stone Pack that says what your heart feels. Beam love and watch it stream back your way. Mind your tendency to edit as a natural curb to feeling so good. You deserve the love, let it in, and touch the necklace every time you doubt it to remind you love is pure gold and real.”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“You struggle with the world as it is now, there’s no sugarcoating it. So rather than fight the feelings of despair reach for some camouflage. Just putting on camo suits you up to remember that all things change, this is just one more in the chain of life. Look fabulous in it and feel better with such stylish preparations for the mental battle with fear. Spoiler alert, you win!”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“It’s back to basics for you, my deep one. While investing a great armchair to curl up in might be a stretch, smart athletic wear is in reach anytime. Plus, it keeps you motivated to do those at home exercises and looking oh-so-hot instead of sinking into couch oblivion. Your inner child needs firm boundaries to feel good, so put your exercise gear on and get that body in top sexy form. You’ll be oh-so-glad you did on the other side of social distancing.”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“Keeping you in the house can be like caging a wild horse. You need to feel your impact to keep the demons from the door. Grab an Atari Flashback and go wild on the old video games. Find an online community to share your successes with and broaden your circle as the world outside is on pause. You can always find a new arena to explore, and you need one.”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“What’s cooking my sturdy goat? You are. To do it well, you need a knife set—the kind top chefs use. Get those groceries delivered, stroll into the kitchen and prepare meals fit for royalty with your exquisite tools in hand. You look good, eat well and can have so much fun. Bonus, extra can be shared with neighbors or frozen, making you a hero for the hungry.”

Ecomm: Tiffani Thiessen Kitchen

“With Saturn and Mars in your sign putting a serious damper on going out, you need a new breakfast spot. Fix up that bedside table and turn it into a tempting place to start your day. Do it dressed in a robe that makes the transition from night to day tempting. Choose a bright and cheerful wrap to start your day off right even if you aren’t going far. You’ll look forward to getting up just to feel good wearing it.”

Ecomm: April Horoscope

“My dreamy one, you have to deal with so many harsh facts this month, and it can be oh-so-jarring. What you need are eyelet pajamas, where you see what’s there beneath the veil, but in soft focus. Difficulties and imagination can work well together—just like your jammies. This way you can look at the harshness of the world with kind eyes that act just like that veil. Wear it, enjoy how beautiful you are and remember dreams and facts can work well together.”

Ecomm: April Horoscope
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