20 experts who are trying to save ad targeting amid the backlash over data and privacy concerns

  • Apple, Google, and others' moves to kill third-party cookies threaten to topple the way advertisers have targeted consumers for years.
  • Business Insider identified 20 people from adtech companies, publishers, agencies, and brands that are working on alternatives for advertisers.
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Advertisers are racing to save ad targeting.

Google and Apple are phasing out third-party cookies that marketers have long used to target ads, while privacy laws are cracking down on how marketers collect and use data.

Adtech companies like LiveRamp, Lotame, and ID5 are creating IDs that piece together information on people's online behavior. Publishers like The New York Times and Meredith are pitching advertisers with first-party data.

Business Insider identified 20 people working on new approaches to digital advertising. While the list is not comprehensive, they represent many of the biggest players from adtech companies, brands, agencies, and publishers.

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