6ix9ine’s Girlfriend Savagely Responds to Don Q’s Flirty Comment

The Bronx rapper attempts to shoot his shot with Jade in an Instagram post of her flaunting her curves, but she shuts him down and fat-shames him instead.

AceShowbiz -Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine‘s girlfriend Jade has apparently picked up his trolling skills. And since she is not restricted to a certain condition, like her boyfriend’s, that would prevent her from doing so, she has made use of it to shut down a potential suitor.

The rainbow-haired hottie has savagely responded to Don Q‘s flirty comment on her Instagram post. In one of her latest photos, Jade debuted newly-dyed hair while apparently trying to flaunt her curves in a figure-hugging white dress.

“I used to photoshop my butt but now that u home this s**t really like this,” she wrote in the caption, likely referencing to 6ix9ine’s early release from jail. Seemingly trying to shoot his shot with her, Don Q wrote in the comment section, “#HEAVY.” But Jade was not having it and fat-shamed him instead, writing back, “the only thing heave here is you.”

Reading Jade’s response, one person enthused, “She learning how to troll like the king of NEW YORK.” Another commented, “Dayummm she roasted my man.”

Others jokingly suggested that it might be 6ix9ine who replied to Don Q’s comment. “It was probably Danny that wrote that,” one wrote, while another similarly predicted, “Thats 6ix9ine replying.”

Some others, meanwhile, were not impressed that Jade tried to act like a loyal girlfriend to the “FEFE” hitmaker. “She trynna seem loyal after the whole treyway did a train on her lmao,” one user clowned her.

6ix9ine has been in home confinement after he was released from jail in early April due to the coronavirus pandemic. He has been keeping himself busy by recording new music. The New York City native has been preparing two new albums, one in English and another in Spanish, as part of his new $10 million record deal with his former label, 10K Projects.

Recently, the “Gummo” spitter has filed a request to Judge Engelmayer to allow him to spend up to 2 hours in his backyard once a week to work on music videos. The docs note that the hip-hop star’s probation officer is aware of the request and has no objection, so he just needs the judge’s stamp of approval too.

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