A Place In The Suns Craig Rowe speaks out on health concern amid property drama

A Place in the Sun: Couple keep Craig Rowe ’on his toes’

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A Place In The Sun newcomer Craig Rowe has provided a health update as the presenter addressed his plans to shed some weight. His admission comes after the expert revealed he had some serious issues with his rental property.

Taking to his Instagram stories today, Craig explained that he is currently taking part in a Kickstarter to assist his health journey.

The on-screen star shared that he is pre-diabetic and has been counting the calories of his food intake.

But the Channel 4 presenter admitted that his plans had to be put on hold after the ceiling of his property collapsed.

Craig began: “This is a belated conversation on my Kickstarter. I’m now halfway through week two. Let’s just say that it’s not really gone to plan.

“There is a reason for this. I have a rental property in north London and the ceiling collapsed last Monday in one of the rooms.

“Thank God no one was hurt.”

Fortunately, the presenter’s tenants were unharmed following the property disaster.

The on-screen star explained that his week had been full of “drama”.

“Over the last week, it has been a massive project of getting a builder involved,” he went on.

The property expert said that his tenants had to be removed from the property as the renovations took place.

But unfortunately for the presenter, he added that the insurance company was unable to assist as it had been considered general “wear and tear” of the property.

Craig continued: “I took my eye off the ball.

“I think I was a bit stressed out last week, drank too much. I didn’t go to the gym as much as I was running back and forth to the rental property.

“So let’s just say that the Kickstarter hasn’t got off to the best week.”

The Channel 4 star said that he has been keeping himself fit and has already lost two kilos in weight.

Craig explained that his personal trainer has urged him to weigh himself every day.

“Another thing that I’ve got trapped in is if something is not high in calories – like a Kitkat is 200 calories – I can have that.

“But it is the effect on my body being pre-diabetic.”


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Some people have blood sugar levels above the normal range, but not high enough to be diagnosed as having diabetes – this is sometimes known as pre-diabetes.

If your blood sugar level is above the normal range, your risk of developing full-blown diabetes is increased, according to the NHS.

Craig admitted that his weight loss journey has been “slow” but he is hopeful that he will be able to dedicate more time to his Kickstarter.

He has urged himself to steer clear of food that is high in calories because as a pre-diabetic it can be the cause of “problems”.

Craig shared: “I am going to continue weighing myself but I’m going to look at the weekly average as opposed to worrying about it day-to-day.”

He added: “We start these plans but life does throw these curveballs at us.

“Life doesn’t always go to plan. The lesson here is, you don’t give up. I’ve had a few difficult days but we just set the reset button.

“Ending on a positive note.”

 A Place In The Sun airs weekdays on Channel 4 at 3pm.

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