Adrienne Bailon Slammed for Admitting She Doesn’t Wash Hands After Using Bathroom

In the latest episode of ‘The Real’, the 36-year-old star gets into an argument with her co-hosts who urge her to wash her hands after using the bathroom at her home.

AceShowbizAdrienne Bailon made a lot of people baffled due to her lifestyle. In the Monday, March 9 episode of “The Real“, the 36-year-old star shamelessly admitted to not washing her hands after using the bathroom at her home, much to everyone’s surprise.

This, obviously, prompted an argument between the hosts of the daytime talk show, with the others urging her to wash her hands. However, Adrienne refused and defended her decision. “It’s my house!” she said, leading Amanda Seales to point out that Adrienne still touched her behind. Thus, she needed to wash her hands no matter what.

But Adrienne stood by her decision. “The toilet paper touches my behind. I don’t touch my behind. Not this skin,” she reasoned, to which Jeannie Mai responded, “Your skin touches your behind. It’s dirty.” Shutting her down, Adrienne answered, “My whole household right now is sick. Guess who’s not? Me! ‘Cause I like germs, and germs gotta work.”

Following the episode, many took to social media to criticize Adrienne over her decision. “What is with this trend of people admitting how dirty they are? Not washing their legs, ignoring their feet in the shower, not washing their hands, etc. etc,” one seemed to be in disbelief, as another assumed, “Her whole household is sick because of her.”

Some others posted similar comments such as, “Gross” and “Disgusting,” while there was one person who said, “I wonder what all the people that’s eaten at her house are thinking.” Meanwhile, one other made a reference to coronavirus as saying, “The Coronavirus after seeing this,” along with a SpongeBob SquarePants meme.

Someone else wasn’t surprised, writing, “Why are y’all surprised? Is this not the same woman who proudly stated she dips a whole sandwich in her fruit punch??”

Adrienne has yet to respond to the backlash.

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