Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Support Biden If He's the Nominee

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes in her heart of hearts Bernie Sanders is the guy to beat Trump — that said … she’ll support Joe Biden if he’s the one who takes on Trump.

We got the Congresswoman in D.C. Wednesday — after Biden cleaned up on Super Tuesday — and asked her straight-up … will she support the guy if he wins the Democratic nomination come July, despite being a Sanders supporter and seemingly immovable.

Watch … AOC says she would, but might need to hold her nose a little. Fact is … she says she’ll always support the party, but notes JB is a thing of the past — and Bernie is the future.

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For her it’s pretty simple — AOC says Bernie’s message and platform is very clear and resonates with working-class people. Meanwhile, Biden’s platform seems to just be … beat Trump? That’s not good enough for her, and she thinks many feel the same.

Doesn’t sound like she’s going the #BernieorBust route though, which is an encouraging sign of unity within the Democratic ranks. As for a possible running mate … she says pump the brakes.

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