Ariana Grande: Spotted Kissing Mystery Man Amid Breakup with Mikey Foster!

Ariana Grande is easily one of the busiest stars in the game.

From a global tour to dropping albums, to shutting down the red carpet at the Grammys, she still somehow has time to generate all the buzz around her *very existent* love life. 

The most recent buzz comes from her reported breakup with Social House singer Mikey Foster and her alleged makeout sesh with ~mystery man~ at a bar. 

We repeat: Ari is a busy! busy! girl!  

Late Saturday night, the pop sensation was apparently spotted making out with an unrecognizable man (meaning he is not an A-list celebrity… maybe not even a C-lister?) at Bar Louie in Northridge, CA. 

According to TMZ, she “rolled into the gastropub around 1 AM with a crew of friends” and it wasn’t long before she started kissing one of the guys among her friend group in a booth.

The group only stayed for about 30 minutes, and apparently, Ari even asked the DJ to switch up the music after “God Is a Woman” started playing. Yikes. 

This report comes off speculation about Ariana’s recent break up with Mikey Foster, who she has been dating for about 8 months.

The two sparked romance rumors after making out in their steamy music video for “Boyfriend” back in Aug. 2019, and after they were spotted holding hands at Disneyland together. 

A source close to the duo recently told HollywoodLife that they called things off due to rumors swirling that they started dating back in June 2019.

“Ariana and Mikey were a fling that was fun but it wasn’t ever going to lead into something super serious,” the insider explained.

“Ariana really liked Mikey, but she wasn’t head over heels over him.”

“They were just enjoying their chemistry and tried to see if it could be more. It ended up not being what they had thought would happen and they are totally cool about it,” the source added.

Luckily, it sounds like the two are still totally amicable! 

“They had fun and they are friends. No real drama to worry about. Hearts aren’t broken.”

It is also rumored that Ariana’s PDA filled night in the valley may have led to her split with Mikey.

“Mikey realized things were officially done between him and Ariana when he saw those photos of her making out with another guy,” a second source shared. 

“Mikey has no hard feelings though and he cares about Ariana no matter what.”

“They’ve been friends for years and he will still work with her because he knows they make great music together. There’s no hard feelings on his end and it’s all positive vibes.” added the insider. 

It’s all too blurry ATM — we’re not sure whether Ari has a new BF, a fling, or just found herself a random makeout buddy for the night? 

But one thing is pretty clear, she is having fun. 

Of course, we stan. 

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