Bastille Share Video For Previously Unreleased Remind Me

Bastille recently shared a video for the previously unreleased track “Remind Me,” which features backing vocals from FOURS and Zimbabwean-British singer Rationale.

The video sees the band performing on giant screens in a futuristic city. It offers a fly through of Bastille’s pioneering Give Me The Future Experience, launched recently on Oculus. Formulated using footage from a special one-off show dubbed the Futureverse gig, the band were able to bring the metaverse to a real-life physical performance using cutting-edge virtual production technologies.

Fans from anywhere in the world could scan themselves into these worlds as stylized avatars and interact with the real-life band members as they performed on stage.

The band recorded the track while working with songwriter Rami Yacoub for their chart-topping album Give Me The Future.

“I started working on “Remind Me” a few years ago in LA with some writer friends at the very beginning of the Give Me The Future album process,” Bastille frontman Dan Smith said in a press release. “We weren’t really sure what it would be for but always loved how different it felt. Finishing it off in London with Mark Crew and the rest of the guys, we’d wanted to make something sharp and minimal. The lyrics are about how our minds can taunt us with memories that play uncontrollably like scenes on a loop, so we set the track over this hypnotic, rolling guitar riff. We invited a bunch of singers to lend their voices to the track.

“We’d been diving into a bunch of music from the 80s that had sounded futuristic at the time, so it fits with the ideas of the past’s versions of the future that we explore across the album. This song was like a jumping-off point for us a couple of years ago and helped shape the sonic tone of the whole GMTF album.”

(Photo: Reece Owen)

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