Blake Shelton Just Shared Details About His Retirement From Music

Without a question, Blake Shelton is one of the biggest country music artists out there. But after two decades in the industry, he’s starting to open up about when he plans to retire. According to The Voice coach, he has thought about this part of his career for some time now.

Speaking during the Artist Interview panel at the Country Radio Seminar on February 25, Blake revealed that he has come to the realization that he won’t be cranking out no. 1 hits forever. “It’s always over at some point and I’ve always been prepared for that and I’ve braced myself for it,” he said, according to Country Now. “And I learned to accept it a few years ago, maybe three or four or five years ago that it’s coming.”

Though the 45-year-old Grammy-nominated singer didn’t reveal an exact time phrase when he’ll put down his microphone, he shared that he’ll be reading the room. “You have to be honest with yourself and you can’t believe that this is going to go on forever because it’s not,” he continued. “I want to make great records and the moment that I feel like I’m really not that relevant anymore, I don’t think I want to make them anymore.”

Before joining the original celebrity lineup for NBC’s singing competition show The Voice in 2011, Blake rose to fame in the country music scene as a soulful artist after arriving in Nashville. There, he achieved success with his 2002 self-titled debut album and he quickly earned fans thanks to his song “Austin.”

While thinking about life after fame, the Oklahoma native shared how grateful he is for his amazing career and listeners who’ve kept up with him all these years.

“I’m not somebody that’s ever going to beat my head against the wall, because this room, these people, this industry has given me way, way more than I ever deserved,” Blake said. “And I know that and I’m thankful and I’m proud of that. When it’s my time to make room for somebody else, the last thing I want to do is keep them screaming to keep my spot.”

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This isn’t the first time Blake has spoken about taking a step back from the limelight. In a March 2021 interview on the Today show, he hinted that retirement wasn’t far for neither him nor his wife, Gwen Stefani.

“I hope that’s not too far down the road,” he told Hoda Kotb. “Ten years sounds like way too long to me. I’d like to see that sooner than later. I mean, we’ve [Gwen and I have] both pretty much taken it to the limit as far as our careers go and touring and now the television thing. It’s been fortunate to accomplish a lot of things. But, hopefully, at some point, we get a chance to live some life.”

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