Brigitte Nielsen Says Sons in Italy are ‘Scared’ Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

Brigitte Nielsen is discussing the coronavirus.

The 56-year-old actress appeared on The Talk on Tuesday (March 10) where she revealed that two of her sons are on lockdown in Italy amid the spread of the virus.

“They are in Milan, and they are in the area where it’s more dangerous,” Brigitte said. “What my kids are saying, they are fine, but it is a very, very difficult situation for them, because they are scared.”

Italy instituted a lockdown of the entire country earlier this week in an attempt to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

“It’s hard for me as a mom to be on the other side of the planet,” Brigitte added. “I said, ‘You cannot come over for Easter.’ Now they definitely cannot come over because of the entire lockdown.”

Brigitte has five kids – Julian, 35, Killian, 30, Aaron, 26, Raoul, 24, and Frida, 1. She did not reveal which sons are living in Italy.

went on share some advice for those living in the United States.

“I think people should be aware that this coronavirus is a very serious thing,” Brigitte said. “Don’t panic, but do the things that you’re told to do.”

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