Bryan Adams Asks 'What If There Were No Sides At All' In New Anti-War Peace Song

Bryan Adams recently shared an anti-war peace song, titled “What If There Were No Sides At All.”

Adams makes a plea for peace in the acoustic ballad, singing, “Don’t make me hate, don’t make me choose… Why should one side win and the other side lose?”

The locations featured in an accompanying music video are generic but are meant to represent conflicts in the world, according to Adams.

“The aim of this song is to provoke thought and perhaps even encourage governments to sit down and talk peace. At the moment there is only escalating division and death – a result of the billions of dollars spent by governments to fund these endless wars,” the rock star added.

Adams will embark on the next leg of his two-month-long So Happy It Hurts tour with Joan Jett on June 6 in Baltimore.

(Photo: BMG)

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