Carrie Underwood shares a makeup-free birthday selfie, plus more news

Carrie Underwood shares a glowing birthday selfie as she turns 37

Happy birthday, Carrie Underwood! The country music superstar rang in her 37th birthday on Tuesday, March 10 — and she celebrated the milestone with a trip to the gym and a fresh-faced selfie. “Birthday workout in the books!” Carrie captioned a glowing closeup of her makeup-free face (via the Daily Mail). The post popped up on the singer and mother of two’s new exercise and healthy eating app, @Fit52, which Carrie’s proud to say is as realistic as it is good for you. Speaking to Parade for the magazine’s latest issue, she asserted that “one bad food choice, one lazy day on the couch isn’t going to wreck everything,” an approach that was key to the app and the book that accompanied it, “Find Your Path.” “We wanted to give readers permission to be practical and real and honest,” Carrie told Parade. “I’ve seen crazy diet suggestions, and I’ve tried some that are entirely unsustainable — no, I’m not going to puree my own peas or make my own hummus,” she said, laughing. “They have it at the store. You know what I do? I eat microwave burritos multiple times a week because they’re easy. It’s about finding those solutions and doing your best.”

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