Catelynn Lowell: Pregnant with Baby #4!!!

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have some big news to share …

They’re having another baby!!!

And no, this isn’t another story about Cate saying that she and Tyler are going to have another baby eventually, or that they have been talking about the possibility of maybe getting pregnant at some undetermined date in the future.

She’s actually pregnant right at this very moment!

She’s even in her second trimester!

This will be the fourth child they have together — their first, of course, being Carly, the daughter they placed for adoption.

After Carly came Nova, who was born in January of 2015.

A couple of years after Nova came, Catelynn suffered a miscarriage, one that deeply affected her.

She became so depressed that she made the difficult decision to leave her family for several weeks while she entered into an inpatient treatment program in Arizona.

In turn, that almost destroyed her marriage with Tyler, who stayed home with little Nova and became increasingly frustrated with the difficult situation.

For several months, it seemed like they might not make it, and they even briefly separated.

But somehow — just kidding, everybody knows how — Catelynn became pregnant again in the midst of all their fighting.

They managed to solve some of their issues and come back together towards the end of her pregnancy, so by the time Vaeda was born in February 2019, things were good again.

Since then, they’ve been open about how they wanted to have one more child — Tyler has always desperately wanted a son, but Catelynn has been clear that even if their next child was another girl, they would be done having babies.

A few months ago, right around Thanksgiving, Cate did become pregnant again, but she had another miscarriage.

It was devastating news, of course, but she’d soon find out that there was a rainbow coming very quickly after that storm …

Because she’s pregnant again!

In an interview with Celebuzz, Catelynn said that “I was definitely surprised that we got pregnant so fast with this baby! But we are so excited.”

She told Tyler the big news first, naturally.

“I just handed him the positive test,” she recalled. “At first, he didn’t believe it.”

She said that it actually wasn’t until she missed her period “and took another test that was positive” that he really started to believe the news.

In sharing the big news, Catelynn also shared an adorable photo of Nova and Vaeda wearing matching “big sister” shirts and holding a sign that said “27 weeks until I become a big sister.”

She shared an ultrasound too, and from that we can see that her due date is September 3rd!

Judging by the numbers, it looks like she really did get pregnant immediately after the miscarriage — the due date is calculated from the first day of the mother’s last period, which in this case would have been the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We’ll get to see more about all of this on Teen Mom OG, because Catelynn did confirm that they documented all of it for the show!

Congratulations, Baltierras!

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