Ceraadi Proved That We Can All Be TikTok Masters If We Have a Hype Woman With Us

For whoever thinks that learning TikTok dances are a piece of cake, um, we’re here to tell you that you’re wrong. Yeah. Sorry, not sorry, but it is truly a skill. Enter: Our TikTok Challenge Challenge where we have celebs learn *those* viral dances in a minute and have them perform the choreo right after. It’s not as easy you as think, folks.

Emaza and Saiyr, aka the two sisters who make up the iconic R&B and hip hop duo Ceraadi, took on our fun lil game. NGL, it was a little bit of a struggle! But the fact that they had each other to be each other’s hype woman made it better. (This is my plea to my BFF to be there every time I film a TikTok dance vid).

See how they did with the rest of the dances by watching till the end and learn their TikTok dance to their song “Secure the Bag” right now.

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