Dierks Bentley Shows Off Efforts To Grow Mullet

Country star Dierks Bentley recently took to social media to show off his bushy locks, as he revealed to the public his attempts at growing a mullet over the past several months that he has spent in quarantine.

“Little ride with my #flobro @scottbenge today,” the 44-year-old singer wrote alongside a series of pictures with Scott Benge, and referencing “flocember,” a yearly fad in which males prove their manliness by growing out their luscious locks.

“Apparently the strength and length of your mullet directly correlates to how much better of a biker you are HA,” Bentley continued, also showing off a map-route of a 25-mile-hike on which the pair ventured.
“I have a ways to go in both departments.”

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