Dove Cameron Has This Many Songs Locked & Loaded, Ready to Be Released!

Dove Cameron is dishing about her new music!

During an interview with Build Series, the 24-year-old entertainer revealed that she has 10 songs that are ready to go.

“I have so many unreleased songs. I have like 10 songs that are done, that we are obsessed with, that have an order. I have so much stuff lined up,” Dove said. “It’s amazing. It’s so great to be able to say that.”

Dove opened up about her new single “Remember Me”, which was just released a few days ago.

“I think people are really responding to this one, and it’s so special for me to have a feature in general,” she said. “I always saw that as an evolutionary thing for an artist to be in a stage where they’re ready to feature on someone else’s track, to have a feature on their track. It’s such an exciting collaborative, sort of recognition of ‘I respect you,’ ‘I respect you.’”

“It’s such an incredible, cool thing to be able to work with other artists in that capacity. So yeah, it’s really special.” she added.

Dove also revealed that the track wasn’t even supposed to have a feature on it in the beginning.

“It came about really strangely. The song was never going to have a feature. There was never any space for the feature, it used to be figured differently,” she dished. “It was always something that my label and I loved. We love this track, it’s one of our favorites.”

“Once we narrowed in that this was going to be the next one, they came to me with the idea of having a feature, and I was like, ‘I don’t know if I really see it with a feature. I need to hear, I need to love it.’ See who submits, see what happens. And [BIA] submitted, and I just knew the first time I heard what she did, I was, ‘Oh, it’s perfect.’”

“You don’t want somebody on that’s not going to elevate it, and I really think she took what we had and tapped into it, and elevated it,” Dove added.

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