Drake Called ‘Messy’ for Dating Close Friends Melyssa Ford and Toccara Jones at Same Time

The ‘Hotline Bling’ hitmaker is called ‘messy’ and ‘shady’ for almost ruining the friendship between video vixen Melyssa Ford and ‘ANTM’ alum Toccara Jones.

AceShowbizDrake once almost destroyed the friendship between video vixen Melyssa Ford and “America’s Next Top Model” alum Toccara Jones. The Canadian rapper dated the two women at the same time despite public’s knowledge that they were close friends.

“To me, I thought, ‘Wow, you really did bite off more than you could chew.’ Because I mean – you’ve got Toccara and then you got me. What I’m trying to say here is the two of us are each a seven course meal. So you greedy, gluttonous m*thaf**ka,” Melyssa said on her podcast.

“And it wasn’t a secret that we were friends. That was what had me,” she added before slamming the “Hotline Bling” hitmaker, “You didn’t date girlfriends. Don’t be messy.”

Toccara realized they were seeing the same guy after Melyssa confided in Toccara about her new love interest. “The way that that went,” she remembered. “While she’s telling me about her new situation, I’m getting ready to go meet this guy. She’s over my house, in my room. Telling me about…and it ate me up so bad.”

It’s not the first time they were caught in a love triangle. So while Toccara admitted she was caught off guard, she learned her lessons. “So I said, let me handle this different,” she stated. “So I went to go see him and then I told her.”

Melyssa recalled her reaction when Toccara told her, “I said to her, ‘Knock yourself out.’ ” She explained, “I just want to say this, that there was no way I was losing my friend to this guy, no matter who the f**k he was. I was not losing my girlfriend.”

Toccara agreed. Calling the situation “shady,” she said, “We have to stick together and hold each other up. We not bout to fight over no guy.”

Despite his blunder, the two women still praised Drake. “He’s a nice guy,” Melyssa said. Toccara chimed in, “Everybody loves Drake.”

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