Drew Barrymore Tells Hugh Grant That Her Kids Aren’t Fans of Her Movies

Drew Barrymore‘s daughters are tough critics!

In a conversation with Hugh Grant for the SAG-AFTRA Foundation, the talk-show host revealed that her two daughters, Olive, 8, and Frankie, 6, aren’t the biggest fans of her movies.

“They call them ‘mom movies,’” Drew said.

When Hugh asked if they had watched Music and Lyrics, the movie they starred in together in 2007, Drew said she didn’t think her daughters had ever seen it.

“That is insane,” Hugh told her.

“I make mine watch my films every night. If they don’t watch my films, they don’t get fed,” he joked.

She shared that her daughters had seen some of her films, including E.T., 50 First Dates and Never Been Kissed, but that they didn’t have great reviews for the movies.

Regardless, Drew says she isn’t giving up. “I think I’m going to force them to watch it,” she said of Music and Lyrics.

She also added, “This is like phases of their life. They’ll come around.”

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