Duchess Kate wore Suzannah & McQueen in Galway for Day 3 of the Irish tour

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Day 3 of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Ireland Tour. Today they’re in Galway. Some people joked that Kate would do all of the colors of the Irish flag on each day, green on Day 1, white on Day 2 and orange on Day 3. Of course she did not do that. She went back to a Keen In Green look, but we have bigger fish to fry than Kate’s keenness for green. We HAVE to talk about the polka dots, don’t we? This is the third polka-dotted look in 24 hours. That’s bonkers. I have said this before: the polka dots are an extension of her love of buttons. When she can’t find a way to endlessly add buttons (big, bejeweled buttons!) to her clothing, she wears polka dots to manage her button-OCD. Small, circular patterns everywhere. It calms her. I’m really starting to believe that.

— Richard Palmer (@RoyalReporter) March 5, 2020

This dress is by Suzannah – I actually think that, given the confines of Kate’s style, this is one of the better choices? I particularly like the way she styled the dress with a black belt and black boots. The shoulders and the top part of the sleeves = a mess.

Before heading off on this tour, Kate did change up her hair – this is a shorter ‘do, and she’s been styling it differently during the tour too. Fewer curls and waves – she might even be using a straightener. It’s a more sophisticated look, for sure. Part of me wonders if the haircut is more about Kate having less time for hair drama with three kids. Part of me knows that the hair drama will probably make a comeback though.

PS… I think the coat is a repeat? Yeah, it’s a McQueen coat she’s worn before.

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