EastEnders star Luisa Bradshaw-White details ‘vulnerable’ battle with Bipolar that ‘took her to land of hell’

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Former EastEnders star Luisa Bradshaw-White has reflected on her life living with Bipolar Disorder.

The actress, best known for playing Tina Carter in the long-running BBC soap, marked Mental Health Awareness week by speaking of her own struggles in a candid piece for the Metro.

The 46 year old admitted that her illness left her living a life "full of fear and anxiety" and felt like it was just something she "couldn't seem to get back from".

She wrote: "I have Bipolar Disorder, which luckily I have been stable from for years, although I look back and am shocked I didn't get diagnosed earlier as I see patterns of it throughout my whole life.

"Bipolar took me to a land of hell, that I just couldn't seem to get back from."

Luisa added: "My highs were so out of control and left me extremely vulnerable and my life was full of fear and anxiety."

The actress, who announced her departure from EastEnders last year, revealed that she turned to Breathwork to help treat her disorder.

"It was breathwork that finally changed everything for me," she explained.

Luisa continued: "That and persistent self love and self care. Through Breathwork I learned to swap the agitated out of control constant rush of adrenalin (the bipolar high) for what I now call a spiritual euphoria, which was just infinitely better!"

She also said that she started an Instagram page for others who wanted to get into Breathwork.

Grown in popularity over the last few years, Breathwork is the practice of conscious control breathing, which is said to significantly affect a person's wellbeing.

Luisa became a favourite amongst BBC soap fans as she played fun-loving Tina, who was Mick Carter's sister, from 2013 until meeting her untimely end late last year – after announcing her departure from the soap.

She confirmed her character's death in March after fans expressed hopes she would return to the Square.

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