EastEnders star urges fans to message him during lonely coronavirus isolation

Former EastEnders star Aaron Sidwell has sent out a positive message to those currently self-isolating amid during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 31-year-old filmed himself sat at his dining room table at home and invited fans to get in touch with him if they were feeling lonely, which he noted could be a 'horrible thing.'

Speaking to the camera, Aaron said: "Hi everyone, just a quick one, if people are having to self isolate, and are getting lonely and missing people, and don't have anyone to talk to, you can always message me on here.

"I will certainly message back and keep the dialogue going because I know that loneliness can be a really horrible thing for people and get them into a scary mindset.

Aaron is best known for playing Steven Beale in the BBC One soap for ten years before leaving in 2017.

He also told his social media following that if they were able to leave the house they would be most welcome to come and see a show he is performing at in London, called Buyer and Cellar.

"If you're not having to self isolate and you just need a laugh, pop down and see me in Vauxhall, the show's cheap and silly and funny and maybe might just get you out of a negative head space in this time.

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"Anything I can do to help, always here like I said, if you're feeling lonely in self isolating just drop me a message and I'll chat back and hopefully you won't feel so lonely.

"Stay safe everyone, he added."

Aaron has been having a tough time of his own in recent weeks after revealing in February he was threatened at a knifepoint .

Explaining his ordeal, he said: "I was just walking back from the gym, same way I go every single day, and some little kid just like pulled a bread knife out on me."

Shaking his head, he continued: "Like what are you doing? You live in Kent, the garden of England, you little t**t.

"Why are you walking around with a bread knife? Just anyone, I've got some friends on here who follow me who live in the area, so just be aware of kids with bread knives […] because they're on half term and they're a little bit bored and they just feel like running around scaring people."

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