Expert Spills Royal Tea About William And Kate’s Compatibility – Exclusive

On the heels of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s bombshell tell-all interview with famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey and the subsequent death of Prince Philip, the royal family has once again landed squarely on the tip of tongues everywhere — and that includes the future king and queen and ultimate power couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton.

While there’s definitely no shortage of information floating around about the royal couple, often times the masses are still left pining for more. That’s where royal shaman and spiritual guide Makhosi Nejeser comes in.

Recently, the authentic African Shaman exclusively spoke with Nicki Swift and gave her expert opinion regarding the couple’s compatibility in only the way that she can. “As a Spiritual Advisor and Shaman, my spiritual gifts enable me to interact with and serve as counsel to royalty or those in positions of great impact,” Nejeser explained about her unique spiritual gifts. “The level in which they operate, under constant immense pressure, often requires someone with insight into the hidden spiritual and energetic aspects of reality,” she disclosed.

Keep reading to learn what piping hot “royal-tea” Shaman Nejeser served about the famous royal couple.  

Prince William and Kate Middleton are spiritually compatible

According to human potential expert and spiritual ascension master Makhosi Nejeser, upon consulting the royal spouses’ charts she found that both Prince William and Kate Middleton were made for a life of public service.”They are BOTH built for impacting and serving the public through inspirational roles. This, among other factors, makes them an energetically ideal couple,” Nejeser divulged. Perhaps that’s why the stars aligned for this spiritually compatible couple. 

But that’s not all. Nejeser also maintained that the couple’s greatest asset together is their willingness to adapt to an ever-changing landscape while still honoring “the roots of their royal tradition.” No doubt a plus when working to maintain the relevancy of the monarchy. “One of their greatest gifts and abilities is that they both are always receiving ideas from the public, which their service-oriented personalities can truly deliver on,” Nejeser professed.

Per Nejeser, the secret to the couple maintaining a successful union will be their determination “to stay aligned with their highest selves” whilst continuing to serve authentically. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton have already weathered many storms

Royal shaman Makhosi Nejeser also gave Nicki Swift insight into the couple’s dynamic as spouses and parents. 

According to Nejeser, Kate Middleton serves as the “nurturing and grounding force” to the children while Prince William often times needs moments of solace away from the hustle and bustle that comes with rearing three kiddos. “Prince William likely needs more alone time due to moments of melancholy…but he intuitively knows what the children need in a practical sense,” Nejeser assessed.

When surveying the couple’s union, Nejeser points to the rollercoaster ride the couple endured during their first seven years of marriage including the COVID-19 pandemic and their in-laws infamous Megxit. “These challenges they’ve weathered together have taught them about the aspects of tradition that will need to be transformed, for the evolution of modern life. I foresee that they will actually lean on one another, become closer than ever before, and tag-team each other on the issues presented to them in their royal duties,” Nejeser predicted.

So what is Nejeser’s overall forecast for the future leaders of England? “This is a solid and impactful pairing of two positively inspirational and caring energies,” she said, adding, “Their only challenge is to keep evolving with the paradigm shifts that established traditions are now undergoing (alongside all of us!) while staying true to their own energy and spirit.” 

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