FBI Seize Guns from Jake Paul's Home, Raid Involves Scottsdale Protests

3:06 PM PT — It appears almost certain Wednesday’s raids in Calabasas and Vegas have to do with Jake’s Scottsdale arrest. Armani Izadi — a longtime collaborator and former friend of Jake’s — owns the Vegas home that was raided by the FBI. Izadi was also arrested with Jake in Scottsdale.

2:08 PM PT — The FBI has just played its hand — partially — and revealed the raid is somehow in connection with Jake getting arrested in Scottsdale during a George Floyd protest. The FBI tells TMZ, “The FBI is investigating allegations of criminal acts surrounding the incident at Scottsdale Fashion Square in May, 2020.”

Jake was in the mall and arrested for trespass and was charged with a criminal misdemeanor, but the City Attorney has dropped the case — it appears at the behest of the FBI — and the more serious investigation has taken precedence.

12:37 PM PT — It appears the FBI have seized weapons from Jake Paul’s Calabasas home — firearms, specifically … this based on aerial footage of the scene from ABC 7.

Law enforcement officials were spotted walking down Jake’s driveway, with what appear to be rifles and perhaps shotguns in hand — two per person, from what we can see here.

BTW, a second raid happened nearly 300 miles away from the one that was just executed at Jake’s Calabasas home — in Sin City no less … at a house that’s tangentially connected to JP.

Federal agents descended upon the famous Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas Wednesday, which is said to be owned by Armani Izadi … who — at one point — was good buddies with Jake. In fact, the two of them were seen hanging out as recently as early July, getting into shenanigans together.

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We got video of some people being led out of the mansion in cuffs — hard to tell who they are, but it doesn’t appear like Aramani or Jake are among them in this clip. Our law enforcement sources also tell us this raid is in connection to the L.A. property search.

12:21 PM PT — Jake’s attorney, Richard Schonfeld, tells TMZ, “We understand that a search warrant was executed at Jake’s Calabasas home this morning while Jake was out-of-state. We are still gathering information and will cooperate with the investigation.”

9:01 AM PT — Whatever the feds were looking for at Jake Paul’s home apparently required a lot of backup and manpower … because a small militia left his pad in armored trucks.

Check out this footage we got of federal agents and the vehicles they arrived in rolling out after they completed their business — it looks like a mini military parade, with several guys wearing SWAT and/or tactical gear hanging off the sides … in addition to whoever was inside.

By our count, there seems to have been at least 20 people or so on the ground executing the search warrant — which makes ya wonder what the hell Jake might be mixed up in, if anything at all.

Still, no word if arrests were made or if any property or evidence was seized. We’re working on getting some answers as to why all this firepower was sent.

Jake Paul‘s L.A.-area home is the scene of an early morning FBI raid … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us … Jake’s house in Calabasas is currently being searched by the feds — and that a search warrant has been issued to do so. We don’t know why or what the authorities are looking for, but we do know agents are on the ground, taking a look around.

We know Jake draws a lot of attention with his YouTube stunts, which are often documented on camera — some of which have landed him in hot water, legally before. The raid isn’t a prank gone wrong though … we know it’s real this time.

It’s unclear if Jake himself is home right now.

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