Floyd Mayweather Slammed for Group Bike Ride Despite Social Distancing Orders

The former boxing champion is pictured not wearing a mask while riding a bike with a group of people in downtown Los Angeles, an activity which he has reportedly done several times throughout the week.

AceShowbizFloyd Mayweather, Jr. may have not set the best example of practicing social distancing amid the coronavirus outbreak. Instead of staying at home, the former boxing champion decided to go out and work up a sweat by riding bike with his entourage.

On Friday, April 17, the retired athlete was spotted rolling through downtown Los Angeles with around a dozen other people. While some of the men in his group were wearing masks, the Pretty Boy himself didn’t wear anything to cover his mouth. According to TMZ which obtained the pictures, Floyd and his peeps have been doing this activity throughout the week.

Having some exercise during the pandemic is still recommended, but it’s against the federal orders to go out or do an activity in a large group, let alone not wearing a mask. Thus, after seeing Floyd’s photos with his entourage during the bike ride, people couldn’t help taking to Twitter to express their mixed opinions.

Many blasted the 43-year-old for failing to practice social distancing. “To be fair Floyd Mayweather probably couldn’t read the social distancing orders,” one remarked. Another similarly reacted, “He can’t count to 6 so the rules don’t apply.”

“He doesn’t care about anything or anybody but Himself. Just buy his way out of problems,” a third user called out the professional boxing promoter. “He should be locked in the house under quarantine and obey the rules period,” another weighed in, while one person called him an “Idiot.”

“He’s living life? Shame him!” another weighed in. Someone else sarcastically commented, “That’s because he’s SpEcIaL…man, I can’t wait until he blows through all his money.”

There were a few, however, who thought that Floyd was not as guilty as those protesters across the nation. “They wanted to get out I guess. Many are wearing masks and on their own bikes. They are being safer than those so called protesters all across the Country demanding their rights to pass their germs freely,” one defended Floyd.

Sharing the same opinion, another rhetorically asked, “Let’s see…protesters in Austin or bike riding dudes in LA?” Someone else similarly argued, “With all the rallies going on violating social distance rules,This is a non story. If I’m free to protest with 500 other people around me in the name of freedom.10 guys riding a bike doesn’t bother me.”

Floyd has not responded to the backlash for his group bike ride. He appeared to still enjoy his life to the fullest despite the lockdown. On Saturday, he took to his Instagram account to share pictures of him playing “a private game of poker” against his friend on a private jet.

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