Georgia Harrison says she cried during Reiki as star recalled traumatic memories from past relationship – EXCLUSIVE

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Georgia Harrison has revealed she broke down in tears after a Reiki session brought up emotions from a past relationship.

The 25 year old, who is launching her own eyelash serum, made the revelation during an exclusive chat with OK! online.

Speaking about her experience with Reiki, which is a Japanese alternative medicine technique for stress reduction and relaxation, she explained: "It's something I've always believed in, it's used to align your chakras and it's meant to keep you on the right track. It also sort of works as a counselling session.

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"The people who do Reiki are very caring and the point in it is they're meant to sort of sense what's wrong in your life. Sometimes it can be a conscious upset or sometimes it can be something completely unconscious that you didn't even realise that maybe your body was holding onto."

The reality star, who found fame on the hit ITV dating series Love Island, then revealed that she cried during her session as it brought up "traumatic" emotions from a past relationship, where someone she cared about cheated on her.

She said: "When I did it with her it was just the weirdest feeling. At first, I could feel all different sorts of sensations in my body, bearing in mind I'm completely on my own.

"At one point I really started to cry. I went back to a memory in my life that I suppose was traumatic to me, but something that I hadn't even thought about, in a past relationship.

"I was really crying as if it had happened in that moment and I was releasing it. I know it sounds bad but it's just what happened to me."

Explaining that the practitioner was in a different household to uphold social distancing measures, she continued: "She literally just told me to get my favourite crystals, I had a big amethyst, and put on some Reiki music and just relax.

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"For Reiki, apparently she just taps into my energy field. I was honestly skeptical but my experience has made me so much more of a believer.

"At the end of it I literally past out. After about 30 minutes I was completely asleep and I woke up bang on the minute that she was meant to stop. My body just shot up, it was so strange."

Georgia, who recently said she lost nine pounds in lockdown, wouldn't name the person she was in a relationship with, but explained that their time together came to end unexpectedly.

Georgia Harrison

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"It was about a relationship where I really cared about the person and it came to end quite abruptly," she said.

"He cheated on me a few months prior and it's something that came up a lot further down the line, it was quite unexpected. It just really affected me emotionally further down the line.

"I'm so over him and even if I tried to conjure up that emotion right now I couldn't, but during the session it was like I was in the moment again. It was so weird.

Georgia added: "It was something that my subconscious had bottled up and needed to let go."

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