Get to Know Marwan Kenzari & His Girlfriend Nora Ponse!

Marwan Kenzari plays one half of a gay couple in the new Netflix action movie The Old Guard, but in real life he is in a relationship with longtime girlfriend Nora Ponse.

The couple has kept a relatively low profile over the years, but they have walked the red carpet together a few times and they recently put their relationship in the spotlight with a Vogue Netherlands cover shoot.

Marwan and Nora have been dating for over two years now, though they have known each other for even longer.

“I think it’s good that we first figured out who we wanted to be in life,” Nora told Vogue Netherlands. “With Marwan, the foundation is strong. Because we find the same things important in life and because we have known each other for so long.”

Marwan‘s break-out role in America was when he portrayed Jafar in the live-action version of Disney’s Aladdin last year. He also appeared in films like Murder on the Orient Express, What Happened to Monday, and The Mummy.

Nora is a model who has appeared on the covers of many magazines and in lots of fashion campaigns.

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