Hailey Bieber Gets Her Makeup Done By Husband Justin in New ‘Biebers on Watch’

Hailey Bieber is quite impressed with husband Justin Bieber‘s makeup skills.

During the most recent episode of The Biebers on Watch, the 26-year-old musician tries out his hand at beauty by doing Hailey’s makeup.

“I want you to actually look good,” he says while starting out with her base makeup including foundation, concealer, cream bronzer and blush.

He later moves on to eye shadows, and lipstick, pulling out a light pink shade for her lips.

“This is what separates the men from the boys,” he joked. “This is how we do it!”

After done, Hailey checks out her look in the mirror, telling her husband he actually did a good job with the beauty look.

“That’s actually really good…It’s not bad at all! [Makeup is] your new calling,” she says. “Justin’s coming for every makeup artist.”

If you missed it, Hailey recently gave Justin a facial in another episode.

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