Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Are Officially Boning In Quarantine

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron have been lighting TikTok up, from choreographed dance routines to Tyler finally getting into Hannah’s pants.

Now, they’re spicing things up … and playing spin-the-bottle.

“Alright, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…” Tyler announces on TikTok.

That moment, he reveals, is “a little ‘spin the bottle’ with Hannah Brown!”

That is a very silly concept, because they are both adults and especially because the two of them have kissed extensively in the past.

“Alright,” he says, “here goes nothing.”

We are then treated to their respective facial expressions as the wine bottle dramatically spins.

Our guess is that this went down in more than one take, or at least more than one spin of the bottle.

Here, we see the two different acting paths that the two of them have chosen.

Hannah pulls off a very good expression of unease and apprehension, as if she were somehow nervous about the results.

In the mean time, Tyler goes full ham with a campy expression of maniacal eagerness.

Honestly? His look gave us way too much secondhand embarrassment.

Again, we have to emphasize that this concept itself is patently absurd on multiple levels.

But there’s a reason that the two of them opted to play spin-the-bottle.

A game of spin the bottle with two players is a joke unto itself … but, as you can see in the video, it’s not that simple.

The bottle eventually comes to a (planned) stop while facing a threshold to the room.

And who should pop out from behind the doorframe with a salacious tongue-waggle?

It is their friend, Jacob Laham, who won the game and the chance to make out with Tyler.

This is not the only goofiness to which this assortment of young, beautiful people has gotten up to. 

The greater Quarantine Crew has been featured in a number of goofy videos.

The stars, of course, are Hannah and Tyler, who appear front and center in some videos while only with each other in others.

Also in the video that we have included with this post, you can see their game of musical chairs.

Making TikToks is a great way to make a splash while easing your boredom, if you’re the sort of person capable of experiencing boredom.

That is why it has surged in popularity now that most people are abiding by sensible “shelter in place” guidelines during this pandemic.

We mentioned that there was a degree of genius behind their choice to play spin the bottle, even with only two (well, three) players and low stakes.

The very simple reason has less to do with their boredom and more to do with their aspirations of TikTok stardom.

Hannah and Tyler don’t just want to get views, they want to make headlines and get views.

Some people want them to get together.

Other people, who have decided to hate Hannah for no good reason, hate the idea.

Either way, people will watch their videos and read about them online to see if their self-isolation has turned from cozy to steamy.

Reports say that the chemistry that fans perceive between the two of them is not just in our imaginations.

However, they’re just friends — very hot friends who came very close to getting engaged — spending time together during this crisis.

Just a reminder that their spin-the-bottle is not in violation of shelter in place.

You can spend time with, and even be intimate with, people with whom you share a home so long as neither of you leave or break guidelines.

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