Hannah Brown Shades Madison: I’m Team Hannah Ann All the Way!!

Poor Peter Weber was just not ready for any of this. His romance with Madison Prewett are already over.

Now, Hannah Brown is cheering on Hannah Ann for whatever she does next. But she’s not as friendly when it comes to Madi. …

The last Bachelorette is weighing in on this year’s very messy The Bachelor.

“Hannah is a great name and roll tide,” Hannah Beast enthusiastically tweeted on Wednesday, March 11.

In case anyone thought that she was just hyping herself up, she added a hashtag for context.

That tag reads: “#TheBachelorFinale.”

It is very clear that Hannah B is announcing that she is #TeamHannahAnn.

Obviously, there is more behind it than just name solidarity.

She, like millions of viewers among the Bachelor Nation, likes Hannah Ann.

It doesn’t hurt that they have some name overlap, even if some fans are getting tired of the same first names over and over.

And what does this have to do with Madison Prewett?

Well, “roll tide” is apparently a rallying cry for the University of Alabama.

Madison’s dad, Chad, is a basketball coach at Auburn University, which is a rival school.

This is why fans believe that the tweet was deliberate shade rather than simply encouragement.

Hannah Ann’s popularity among fans is not difficult to explain.

It’s not just that she is wildly gorgeous, to the point where she is very conspicuously one of the most beautiful women to appear on the franchise.

(Though that is very accurate)

Hannah Ann also charmed viewers by remaining (mostly) drama-free throughout the season.

Madison also has her own very enthusiastic core of supporters and should not be discounted.

There’s more than just the charm and looks that won over Peter that has some within the Bachelor Nation rooting for her.

Some more conservative-minded Christian fans who are enthusiastic about “purity culture” were drawn to her storyline.

Where others were distressed tha she waited so long to tell Peter that she wished to remain chaste until marriage, others praised her for it.

Unfortunately, some of this praise has gone overboard, creating a bit of a rift within the fandom.

Madison has every right to do with her body as she pleases, whether she wishes to boink 1,000 men, none, or just one.

No one should judge her for abstaining from sex.

However, some of her supporters have turned praise for her into disparaging insults towards Hannah Ann, Hannah Brown, and even other fans.

Madison doesn’t have “more” morals than Hannah Brown, just different ones.

And, not that it matters even a little, but both women are Christians, just like the vast majority of people who’ve appeared on the franchise.

But we suspect that the habit that some fans have of comparing Hannah B to Madi and preferring Madi may have played a role in her tweet.

Or maybe she just likes Hannah Ann for her own reasons. That’s a very valid POV.

Peter announced this week that he and Madison are going their separate ways.

Who could have seen this coming?

Oh, right, he saw it, Hannah Ann saw it, and Peter’s mom Barb famously saw it

But you know what? Life is about learning experiences, right? Hopefully, he learned a lot from this.

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