Her problem! Ulrika Jonsson, 54, says her daughter ‘storms off’ when she ‘overshares’

Celebs Go Dating: Ulrika Jonsson receives feedback from date

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Celebs Go Dating star Ulrika Jonsson has told how one of her daughters “storms off” when she “overshares”. The Swedish TV personality, 54, who has daughters Bo, 21 and Martha, 17, alongside sons Cameron, 27 and Malcolm, 13, revealed that one of her daughters can’t bear to listen to her mother “overshare” and “storms off” as a result.

I have one daughter who shouts at me and storms off when I overshare

Ulrika Jonsson

The SAS: Who Dares Wins star spoke candidly on the topic of being honest with children.

Ulrika looked to The Only Way Is Essex star Chloe Sims, who just days ago revealed that she’s kept her cosmetic surgery a secret from her daughter Mady.

The reality star explained that she tells her teen that she’s had an “accident” or “fallen over” instead of revealing that she’s gone under the knife.

Addressing the admission, Ulrika said she wanted to “observe” and “not criticise”.

However, she explained that she felt uncomfortable with a parent being dishonest to their child.

In a new column, Ulrika wrote: “But as a mother of four, I’ve always believed very firmly in being honest with my children — too honest sometimes.”

She revealed that sometimes her extreme candour backfires, as one of her daughters ends up walking away.

Ulrika explained: “I have one daughter who shouts at me and storms off when I overshare.

“But that’s because the problem is with her obviously, and definitely not me,” she wrote for The Sun.

Ulrika isn’t one to shy away from discussing awkward topics with her brood and in the past told how she discussed her “sexual awakening”.

Speaking to the publication last year, the star candidly opened up to discuss her sex life.

“I enjoy sex, I want to have sex and I am open to experience that,” she admitted.

However, she stated that the admission comes with a preconception.

She added: “It’s difficult for women my age to say that without being seen in a certain way.”

The model revealed that she’s open and honest about her attitude when talking about the topic with her four children – something that they don’t always enjoy.

“I am a sexual creature,” she confessed, before adding: “It’s something that I say regularly to my children — much to their horror.”

Most recently, the star was married to American advertising executive Brian Monet, who she shared son Malcolm with, before splitting in 2019.

Brian also adopted her daughter Bo, 21, from the presenter’s relationship with German hotel boss Markus Kempen.

Ulrika also has daughter Martha, 16, with ex-husband Lance Gerrard-Wright.

The model was also married to John Turnbull for five years before splitting in 1995 and they have son Cameron together.

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