Howie Mandel Arrives to 'AGT' Wearing Hazmat Suit, Gas Mask

Howie Mandel is taking coronavirus panic to the next level, or maybe we’re all just not up to his level — either way, he’s prepared for a day on the job. At ‘AGT’ or Chernobyl!!!

The famous germophobe clearly isn’t taking any chances with the deadly virus, and pulled up Tuesday to set rocking a full hazmat suit, gloves and, of course, a gas mask. Keep in mind, “America’s Got Talent” shoots in Pasadena, CA … not Wuhan.

But ya know Howie — better safe than sorry. He’s ready for COVID-19, plague or, more likely, a day’s worth of jugglers, puppet acts and singers.

Howie’s head-to-toe precautions make Rep. Matt Gaetz look pretty soft. Remember, the FL Congressman showed up on the House floor last week wearing a gas mask during a vote for coronavirus funding. It looked extreme, but Mandell just put that to shame.

As we first told you … the coronavirus scare has crept its way to 2 of the most popular shows on TV — “Jeopardy!” and “Wheel of Fortune” — so it makes sense Howie would take this approach.

He’s not one for simple handshakes under the best of conditions.

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