‘I’m in the wrong game’ Martin Lewis questions TV role after filming disturbance

Martin Lewis discusses the Virgin Money M Plus bank account

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Martin Lewis, 49, has taken to Twitter to express some doubts about his job on The Martin Lewis Money Show. The Money Saving Expert joked about his thoughts that he may be in the wrong TV show.

The star said that he was preparing for his show about finance when he heard QI and Top Gear being filmed next door.

Martin explained that he felt he may be in the “wrong game”.

In view of his 1.3 million followers, he said: “So there’s me, in my dressing room, furrowed brows, preparing for my cost of living crisis special (ITV 8pm) when all I can hear outside is jollity.

“Turns out QI is being filmed in a studio next door and Top Gear outside.

“Was nice to hear the laughter. Maybe I’m in the wrong game.”

The official QI Twitter page responded to Martin’s tweet, writing: “You’re always welcome to pop into the Elves’ office for a biscuit and a cuppa Martin x.”

Martin Lewis is known for his money saving tips and regular appearances on This Morning as well as for his own show.

Martin also took to Twitter last night to share his thoughts on viewers’ energy bills.

He penned: “My heart just sank doing my @thismorning phone just then – as it does almost every time I hear ‘energy bills’ right now.

“So many people are understandably unable to process the scale of the increases and unable to meet the price. It is depressing and dangerous.”

He urged people to seek support if they are struggling, as the presenter explained: “If you are really struggling, speak to your supplier. If you can’t afford to pay, speak to them. They can’t cut you off.” 

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He also advised that suppliers such as British Gas have “hardship funds” which even non-customers can apply to. 

He also included National Energy Action in the list of firms customers can speak to. 

Martin took to Twitter to explain that he needed to take time off from the internet amid the depressing news of late. 

He cited Ukraine, the costs of living crisis and the pandemic as major reasons. 

He wrote: “What a horrible, tragic, week it has been.

“I’m signing off social media for the weekend. 

“I wish everyone as safe and as happy a weekend as you can have.

“Let’s hope and pray there’s some light soon. See you Monday.”

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