Issa Rae Talks Premiering ‘Insecure’ During 2016 Presidential Election in ‘SNL’ Monologue – Watch!

Issa Rae is hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time ever!

The 35-year-old entertainer hosted the hit sketch show on Saturday (October 17).

During her opening monologue, Issa talked about feeling “awkward” about premiering her HBO series Insecure back in fall of 2016 right after Donald Trump won the presidential election.

“The results came in, and, of course, everybody was freaking out. I was freaking out,” Issa shared. “And it felt really awkward for my life to be going so good. Like, it was rude to be peaking right when democracy was collapsing. It’s just really weird to say thank god for what happened in the fall of 2016.”

Check out Issa Rae‘s full opening monologue now!

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