Jameela Jamil Says White Men Keep Confusing Her For Jemele Hill: ‘This Is Ignorance’

The Good Place actress Jameela Jamil is speaking out about a pattern she has noticed on her Twitter account – she keeps being confused for sports journalist Jemele Hill by white men.

“I keep being confused with (lovely) @jemelehill by (so far exclusively) white men. We do not look alike. And we don’t have an especially similar name. They will read an article with her full name on it, and her (beautiful) picture, and then still tweet me ?? This is IGNORANCE,” she wrote on her Twitter account.

A fan then wrote back to her, “An underlying way to undermine people. When I didn’t like someone I used to pretend to forget their name rather than say someone else’s name,” to which Jameela responded, “No they are too stupid. They literally only send it to me.”

Jemele worked for ESPN for years and was famously suspended by the network for speaking out about Colin Kaepernick‘s kneeling and Donald Trump. Trump actually has publicly tweeted about her as well. Jemele now writes for The Atlantic.

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