Jamie Foxx Quickly Sanitizing His Hand After Touching Fan Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

The ‘Django Unchained’ actor is filmed using hand sanitizer on stage moments after getting in physical contact with the fan at entertainment promoter Dave Brown’s 50th birthday party.

AceShowbizJamie Foxx is not taking any risk amid coronavirus outbreak. The “Django Unchained” actor has been caught on camera at the 50th birthday party of entertainment promoter Dave Brown using what appeared to be hand sanitizer immediately after a physical contact with a fan.

In a video obtained by TMZ, the 52-year-old could be seen standing on the stage with the man of the hour as well as a number of others. Sporting a suit and a pair of sunglasses, he held a microphone in one hand as his collaboration with Kanye West, “Gold Digger”, played in the background. At one point of the footage, he waved at someone below before reaching out to the person.

As soon as he pulled back from the interaction, the “Just Mercy” actor was offered a dab of hand sanitizer by a man standing next to him, which he gladly accepted. When he thoroughly rubbed the sterilizing liquid on both of his hands, one of the attendees at the bash could be heard yelling, “No corona.”

The “Beat Shazam” host was also reported to have given a speech about the virus at the bash. Though what he exactly said could not be clearly heard in the video, he allegedly told the guests to “come see” him if they “got the cure.”

The number of fatalities caused by coronavirus have climbed to 21 in the United States, per reported by USA Today. 554 confirmed cases came from 34 states as well as the District of Columbia. The majority of deaths came from the Washington state, while two came from Florida and one from California.

Despite the spread of the coronavirus in the U.S., Foxx’s appearance at Brown’s birthday bash proved his claims that he parties just like Leonardo DiCaprio. Back in January, when asked when he last partied all night long, he told talk show host/comedienne Ellen DeGeneres, “I am still at the party.”

“I partied all night long,” the ex-boyfriend of Katie Holmes elaborated. “My birthday was December 13, I have been sleepy and slightly drunk since December 13. Every night. I’m like Leonardo DiCaprio.”

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