Jenelle Evans: David Eason Beat Up My Friend In Front of My Kids … But I Still Want Him Back!

Decision-making has never been Jenelle Evans' strong suit.

But even though we've spent the last decade watching the former Teen Mom 2 star collosally eff her life up, we still find ourselves a little impressed by her ability to do the exact wrong thing in every situation.

Take a look at this week's insanity, for example:

David Eason pistol-whipped a friend of Jenelle's in front of the couple's kids.

But now, it looks as though she's already back together with the maniac.

This, despite the fact that the Easons are broker than ever, and their financial situation is mostly David's fault.

Scroll on for the full story on this bonkers situation:

1.The Gruesome Twosome

2.The Worst Dad

3.Clueless and Complicit

4.Bad Idea

5.Anger Management

6.The Ruckus

7.Back Where He Belongs

8.What a Winner

9.Think of the Children

10.Small Miracles

11.A Stable Home

12.Scary Stuff

13.Too Much, Too Soon

14.Putting It Bluntly

15.He Has a Way of Making Everything Worse

16.Taking Precautions

17.Dangerous Dave

18.His Favorite Outfit

19.The Attack

20.A Familiar Scene

21.Baby Davey

22.The Litigious Type

23.Hard Times

24.In Deep

25.Here We Go Again

26.Not the Brightest Bulb


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