Jeremy Clarkson: ‘All b*****ks!’ Former Top Gear host gets candid amid shock new venture

The former Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, 59, has been expanding his television empire from cars, to farm shops and now cooking. The Grand Tour host opened up about his culinary skills as he revealed he “hates” travelling with film crews.

In his latest column for The Sunday Times, Jeremy revealed what he “despises” most about restaurant experiences outside of London in this day and age.

“This is why I despise all provincial restaurants today,” the small-screen star explained. “And please don’t write to tell me about a place your daughter-in-law has just opened in Penrith, because I won’t like that either.”

Jeremy continued: “In restaurants outside London, it’s always about the chef’s ability to create a visual taste sensation. No one’s allowed to talk. You are expected to sit there in reverential silence, marvelling at how the single piece of cress is a perfect accompaniment for the bubbles in the broth. And it’s b*****ks.

“When I go out to eat, it’s because I can’t be arsed to do the washing-up. I want exactly what I’d make at home, only without the faff of making it.


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Jeremy also revealed admitted he doesn’t enjoy traveling with film crews because they never look for restaurants with good home cooking.

He explained: “What I hate most of all, though, is travelling with film crews. Because when we are abroad, they treat food as fuel.

“Which means we never walk the streets looking for the sort of restaurant that does home cooking well.

“They just eat whatever is provided at the hotel, which is almost always like the sort of food you get in Birmingham.”

His comments come after Jeremy recently opened his new farm shop for his new Amazon Prime series I Bought The Farm, which saw cameras follow Jeremy for a year as he experienced the highs and lows of agricultural life.

The TV star also revealed he is exploring a new venture called Food Tribe where people can post recipes and cooking inspiration.

“I’ve just started an internet thing called FoodTribe, on which people can share thoughts and ideas on food,” Jeremy explained. “And I’m going to be sharing this quest for simplicity a lot.”

He added: “I may even go further and start turning the stuff I grow on my farm into straightforward food that I can sell in my simple, straightforward, unheated shop.”

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Meanwhile, Jeremy apologised to a fan after they couldn’t get into his newly opened farm shop due to “nightmare” muddy conditions last week.

Taking to Twitter, the presenter wrote: “Very many thanks to all the people who came to my farm shop today. I hope you enjoy your potatoes.”

In response to this, a Twitter fan wrote: “We’re gutted, pulled up outside but too muddy for an 8 month old and a pushchair.

“But we’ll be back one day. Looked really busy so best of luck with it.”


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In view of his 7.1 million followers, he replied: “I know. B****y nightmare. Sorry.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “@JeremyClarkson I’m asking for my brother. Is the farm shop open tomorrow?”

The host replied explaining why he couldn’t reopen the farm shop for now.

Jeremy wrote: “I need to grow more stuff before I can reopen it I’m afraid.”

He followed up his post, writing: “Shop NOT open Sunday as it’s a day for the baby Jesus. Also, because I’m going to Tanzania.”

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