Jessa Duggar & Ben Seewald: We’re Adopting a Fourth Kid!

Back in May of 2019, Jessa Duggar welcomed her third child.

This was big news in the Duggar-obsessed corners of the internet, and not only because a new human being had entered the world.

As you’re probably aware, the Duggars are very big on procreation.

In fact, girls in the family are taught from a very young age that making babies is their primary reason for being.

Despite that persistent indoctrination — some would call it fertility cult brainwashing — it looks as though none of Michelle’s daughters have any interest in following in her footsteps by cranking out 19 kids.

Josh Duggar has given his parents the most grandchildren with six.

But his wife, Anna Duggar, recently made it clear that she does not want to end up like Michelle.

(We don’t blame her. The more kids you have, the better the chances that you’ll end up with one like Josh!)

Next up is Jessa, who’s already openly discussing her desire for a fourth child —  a development that would normally make Jim Bob and Michelle very happy.

But there’s a twist that they might not be so thrilled with.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Jill and husband Ben Seewald revealed that they’re considering adoption.

“We could wait until all of our kids are grown and gone and then adopt, but I also think it’s kind of cool to have an adopted child growing up with the other kids,” Seewald said.

“We’re just in a stage of, like, meeting with people who have adopted and getting advice, hearing their stories and seeing what that might look like for us.”

Yes, it sounds as though Jessa and Ben haven’t made any definitive decisions yet.

But it also sounds as though they’re doing a lot of research and heavily leaning toward adopting their next kid.

Ben says they’ve met with other couples who have adopted, and they’re always prepared with a battery of questions.

“What avenues did you go through [for] foster care and adoption agencies? Were you adopting local [or] international?’” the Seewalds ask.

Jessa and Ben have been considering adoption since before they even tied the knot. 

And now that they have three biological children, it seems they’re on the verge of expanding their family via a different method.

“We’re not sure if our next baby will be adopted or not, but that’s something that has weighed heavily on our hearts since before we were married,” Jessa told Us.

“I guess we’re kind of taking it one at a time and we’re thankful for each one,” she added.

As for when the couple might start the process, it sounds like it will be sooner rather than later.

Jessa told Us that she frequently comes down with bouts of “baby fever” and is very eager for a new addition.

Obviously, that’s great news, but Jim Bob and Michelle are likely to feel conflicted about it.

They’re fans of family expansion by any means necessary, but they also view pregnancy as a sign of God’s grace.

(The couple used birth control early in their marriage, and they believe they were punished with a miscarriage.)

Fortunately, the Duggar daughters are finally starting to rebel against Jim Bob, so hopefully, Jessa doesn’t care what he thinks.

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