JoJo Siwa Says Her Iconic Bows Are On a Long Vacation

Have you noticed that JoJo Siwa hasn’t worn a bow in a while??

The 18-year-old has become synonymous with her iconic hair accessory, but lately, she’s been ditching the bows and experimenting with different hairstyles.

In a new interview this week, she opened up about leaving the bows out of her hair…

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While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show this week, she didn’t wear a bow and Kelly took notice and asked her about it.

“You don’t rid of the bow or just like putting it on the back burner for a minute?” Kelly asked.

“She’s just on vacation. A long vacation,” JoJo said. “No, I mean, listen. I love my bow and I always will. And it’s a piece of my life, but I just, I’ve had a lot of fun exploring with my hair. It’s fun. Every day I do something different.”

JoJo has been competing on Dancing With The Stars without a bow, and she’s even not wearing a bow on the brand new poster for her upcoming Peacock series. The last time we saw her with a bow was at her The J Team premiere in September.

Back in 2018, JoJo expressed that as she gets older, things could change and the bow and side ponytail “will eventually go, unfortunately.” See what else she said then!

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