Jon Gosselin: Kate Is Keeping the Kids’ Money! Put Her in JAIL!

While most of the Gosselin children are stuck at home with Kate during this pandemic, Hannah and Collin get to live with Jon.

But Jon says that Kate is withholding money belonging to both teens, and he has asked the court to hold her in contempt.

Kate Gosselin no longer sees Collin or Hannah, even before the coronavirus pandemic meant that everyone had to stay home.

Jon has primary custody of both teens.

However, Kate remains the custodian of trust accounts made up of money that they earned during years of reality TV stardom.

Apparently, in May of 2019, Kate agreed to turn those over to Jon.

The Sun broke the news that Jon asked the court to hold Kate in contempt for failing to transfer the accounts to Jon.

This went down in October, a full five months after Kate had allegedly said that she was ready to go.

Jon asked the court to hold her in contempt.

Kate, however, filed her own paperwork in which she claimed that she was awaiting documents from Jon showing that he was ready to receive it all.

According to Kate’s court argument, all of this is simply what’s required by the bank.

She also said that Jon had been informed that he needs to give TLC direct deposit info for Hannah and Collin’s new accounts.

(This sounds like it’s for residuals, since obviously none of the minor children are allowed to film anymore)

It’s genuinely hard to tell whether this is an honest miscommunication or if the parents are playing games in court.

These days, Jon has been wildly uninterested in playing the same old games with Kate.

He has a girlfriend, he has Hannah and Collin, and he wants to have a better relationship with his other kids.

It could be that he didn’t get something right with the paperwork that he turned over to Kate but thought that she was being difficult.

It’s just as possible that he did all of the right things and that Kate is trying to move the goalpost for her own reasons.

It’s worth mentioning that Jon knows that Kate won’t balk at defying a court order.

When TLC fired Kate and canceled the increasingly inaccurately titled Kate Plus 8, it was after she had defied a court’s decision.

Jon had told the court how much filming for the show — all to glorify and enrich Kate — had harmed his children.

The court had agreed. Kate allegedly ignored the court’s decision and filmed another season without a license.

Of course, to hear Kate tell it, her firing is somehow all Jon’s fault.

Kate thinks that Jon speaking in interviews about Kate being an awful parent somehow gave viewers the impression that she’s just awful.

If she wants to know the identity of the person who convinced fans that she’s no good, she may want to try looking into a mirror.

Hopefully, Kate and Jon can get their papers in order and transfer control of the accounts appropriately.

It’s unlikely that Kate will end up spending time behind bars for this unless something outlandish happens.

But you never know. Sometimes, people will do truly bonkers things to spite an ex … especially if somebody involved has major control issues.

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