Justin Bieber Admits He’s ‘Benefited Off Of Black Culture’ & Vows To Fight Racial Injus

Justin Bieber is doing some important self-reflection about how Black culture has shaped his career.

The Purpose singer took to Instagram on Saturday to make a powerful statement about how he plans to further the ongoing conversation about systemic racism and do everything in his power to support the Black community going forward.

The Biebs came right out the gate, telling his millions of followers:

“I am inspired by black culture. I have benefited off of black culture. my style, how I sing, dance, perform, and my fashion have all been influenced and inspired by black culture.”

Very spot on, and not far from off from what fans and critics have already pointed out before! But it’s certainly validating for some to hear the man say it plainly himself. He continued from there, pledging to use his massive platform to help influence change:

“I am committed to using my platform from this day forward to learn, to speak up about racial injustice and systemic oppression, and to identify ways to be a part of much needed change.”

Hailey Bieber‘s husband is among the many celebs who participated in the now-infamous social media initiative where IG users uploaded a black box in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement on #BlackOutTuesday. However, the artist has continued to flood his feed with supportive posts advocating for racial equality.

Those uploads, along with his seemingly sincere admission here, is definitely a good look for the artist. It’ll be interesting to see if this will also have an impact on how he shows appreciation (instead of appropriation) in his music and performances in the future.

Opening up his wallet to support bail funds for protestors and/or donating to the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery would also be a pivotal next step, too. Tangible action items are key during this time. But again, good on him for this!

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