Kelsey Asbille Chow age: How old is Yellowstone Monica star Kelsey Chow?

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Kelsey Asbille Chow is an American actress with Chinese roots, and she has previously starred in Pair of Kings and One Tree Hill. She joined the cast of Paramount Network’s Yellowstone in 2018, as the teacher Monica Dutton. Fans are keen to find out more about the actress, and has all you need to know about her age.

How old is Yellowstone Monica star Kelsey Chow?

Kelsey Chow is one of three siblings – she has a younger brother, Forrest and a younger sister, Kiersten.

Her parents are Dr James Chow and Jean Chow, with her father from China and her mother from South Carolina.

As her father is Chinese, the star was keen to learn Mandarin Chinese and decided to audition for traditional Chinese roles.

She had claimed to be a Cherokee Indian descendant, but this is yet to be proven officially.

The star, who splits her time between LA and New York, has been attending Columbia University to study Human Rights.

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Chow, who also goes by the name Kelsey Asbille, is 29 years old and she was born in September 1991.

Her place of birth was in Columbia, South Carolina, and she attended high school in the same area.

She started off her acting career in community theatre before landing her first TV role in 2005, in One Tree Hill.

Chow was just 13 years old when she first appeared on the show, and she was a member of the cast for four years.

Fans may also recognise her from Teen Wolf, Embeds and the TV film Brimming with Love.

More recently, in 2020, she played Swanee Capps in season four of Fargo, for which she used the name Kelsey Asbille.

She also uses this credit for her role as Monica in Yellowstone, and she should return for the upcoming season four.

The star has been in a relationship with English actor, William Moseley, since 2012 and he is 33 years old.

He is known for his role as Peter in The Chronicles of Narnia and Prince Liam in The Royals.

Chow and Moseley met while they were both on set for the film Run, which was released in 2013.

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The actress has entered the spotlight after taking on the role in the American melodrama, Yellowstone, as fans have mixed opinions about her character.

She is the wife of Kayce Dutton (Luke Grimes) and many viewers believe Monica has been trying to hold her husband back and set him on a different path.

Monica has experienced some tragic storylines throughout the series, having suffered a brain injury when she was caught up in a fight between students at the school.

Fans have taken to Reddit to discuss her character in the show, and they hope Monica takes a “stronger, more consistent” direction in the upcoming season.

One said: “Was she annoying and confusing at times? Yes. Very much so. But so are actual people.

“I think she wants to be with Kayce but wants to protect herself and Tate from who he and his family are.

“It came to a head with the kidnapping. So her intuition was right. I think the actress just has a tendency to over dramatize things sometimes with her expressions and delivery of lines.

“This, to me, results in Monica seeming melodramatic and kinda sappy instead of a complex and nuanced character. But I like the actress so I don’t want to be too hard on her!”

In the series, Monica and Kayce have a son called Tate (Brecken Merrill), who many fans believe will inherit the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Monica is determined to keep her family safe as they are under threat from rivals who wish to develop the land for other uses.

In one dramatic episode, Tate was kidnapped by some enemies to teach the Duttons a lesson.

Yellowstone airs on Paramount Network

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