Korean Rapper Jay Park Shades Brian Ortega After Alleged Slapping Incident: He Has ‘Less Than I Do’

ESPN journalist Ariel Helwani takes to Twitter to detail the ordeal that takes place during UFC 248 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas which ends up with Ortega being thrown out of the event.

AceShowbiz -A brawl ensued between UFC fighter Brian Ortega and Jay Park, a Korean rapper who acted as translator for Chan Sung Jung a.k.a. Korean Zombie at the UFC 248 on Saturday, March 7. According to reports, the fighter got into an altercation with the musician in the seating area reserved for fighters and celebrity guests as he took offense at Park’s words.

ESPN journalist Ariel Helwani took to Twitter to detail the ordeal which took place at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. “Korean music artist Jay Park, who served as Chan Sung Jung’s translator during his recent appearance on the show, was slapped by Brian Ortega during tonight’s event, Park tells me. A scuffle ensued and then broken up. Ortega took issue with Park’s translation on the show,” so he reported.

“Park told me Ortega went up to him while Korean Zombie went to the bathroom and asked if he was Jay Park. Park said yes and, according to Park, Ortega slapped open palm slapped him,” Helwani added in a separate tweet.

Details of the alleged physical altercation between Brian Ortega and Jay Park

UFC President Dana White also commented on the scuffle, which ended with Ortega being thrown out of the event. “There was a lot of crazy s**t going on tonight,” White said. “[Ortega] and The Zombie [Jung] got in a fight which is completely unlike both of their personalities. Zombie doesn’t even speak English so I don’t know what the hell he could have said to get Ortega to start going crazy but yeah, it was weird. It was in the fighters section and it happened right during the fight.”

Both Ortega and Park took to their respective social media accounts to address the altercation. In an Instagram comment, Ortega invited Park to a proper fight, writing, “Jay Park welcome to the fight game. Don’t be surprised if I slap the s**t out of you when I see you.”

Jay Park addressed the scuffle on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Park responded to a fan who asked him if he ever planned to sue Ortega for the alleged assault. “So you’re not gonna sue him?” asked the fan, to which Park replied, “Nah i dont sue ppl who have less than i do.”

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