Kristen Stewart & Maggie Gyllenhaal Have Directed Short Films for Neflix

Kristen Stewart and Maggie Gyllenhaal have been staying busy during the pandemic.

The actresses are two of 17 filmmakers that have directed short films during the global lockdown in a project titled Homemade helmed by director Pablo Larrain for Netflix, Variety reports.

combines all of the filmmakers’ short films – which will be available to watch as five to seven minute shorts, or as one long feature – and captures each individuals quarantine experience.

Kristen filmed her short film in Los Angeles while Maggie shot hers in Vermont, where she has been quarantining with her family.

If you didn’t know, Pablo will soon be directing Kristen in the upcoming biopic Spencer, where the actress will be playing the late Princess Diana.

Homemade will be debuting on Netflix on June 30, and a donation in honor of each filmmaker will be made from Netflix’s Hardship Fund to third parties and non-profit groups providing emergency relief for out-of-work cast and crew.

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