Kylie Got Sewn Into a Gorgeous Vintage Dress and Hit the Red Carpet with Travis and Stormi

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott just made their first red carpet appearance in, like, forever, and took their daughter Stormi along for the ride. The couple attended the 72nd annual Parsons Benefit in New York City where Travis was being honored—and in his speech he straight-up called Kylie his “wifey,” saying “Stormi, I love you and wifey, I love you.” So yeah, it seems like they’re maybe back together? Or this nickname is simply still going strong! Either way, a source at the event told People that “Travis and Kylie were being very sweet and cute together. They were holding hands and seemed fully back on.”

Kylie shared a behind-the-scenes video of herself getting ready on TikTok, which involved being sewn into her gorgeous vintage Jean Paul Gaultier dress:

24 hours in NYC 🤍

The moment also made Kylie’s grid:

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But obviously the red carpet / arrival pics are the real gems here since they involve Stormi being adorable:

In case you’re in need of a relationship status update amid these sweet pics, a source recently told Entertainment Tonight that Travis and Kylie are “trying to make things work” and that “Travis really respects Kylie and worships the ground she walks on. She means a lot to him. He loves that Kylie is such a boss and how great of a mom she is. Kylie loves that Travis is so creative and that he makes a big effort to be involved in Stormi’s life.”

You love all the deets on celeb news. So do we! Let’s overanalyze them together.

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