Laura Dern’s goldfish dies at 14 years old

Laura Dern‘s goldfish has died after she had the little swimmer for a whopping 14 years.

“RIP to our amazing goldfish we loved so much,” Dern, 53, wrote on Instagram on Wednesday.

The “Marriage Story” actress also shared a throwback photo of her scaly friend swimming in its tank.

Several friends and fans took to social media to send their well-wishes.

“I’ll be your goldfish,” InStyle editor Laura Brown said.

“I am so sorry…I had mine for 7 and I was devastated when they passed. You were a good goldfish mom,” wrote a fan.

“I understand! My betta lived til almost 5 and sobbed like a baby-sorry for your loss,” added another.

The average life expectancy of a goldfish in the wild is 41 years, however in captivity that number decreases to 10 years in an aquarium to 30 years in a pond, according to the National Geographic.

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