Lori Harvey Robbery Caught on Surveillance Cam, She Thwarts Auto Theft

4:38 PM PT — Atlanta PD tells TMZ … they’re aware of the surveillance footage and are continuing to look into Lori’s case with the intent of finding the responsible parties.

3:42 PM PTTMZ has obtained surveillance cam footage of the robbery … and it clearly shows Lori pulling off her Rolls-Royce saving move.

The footage shows the suspect sneaking around the vehicle right after Lori parked, and her brief struggle with him. You also see her power move, walking off with the key fob, just as she described it to police.

Lori Harvey is lucky she escaped a sneak attack in a parking structure — and if not for her quick-thinking skills her car might have been jacked … TMZ has learned.

Steve Harvey‘s daughter had just parked her 2020 Rolls-Royce Cullinan at an apartment complex in Atlanta Wednesday night … and made her way to the trunk to grab some stuff. That’s when the suspect crept up and ran to jump in the driver’s seat.

According to the police report — obtained by TMZ — Lori told cops the suspect was a young black guy who tried to steal her ride. We’re told Lori actually ran toward him and struggled with him as he was sitting in the SUV … but he pushed her away.

Lori told cops that’s when she realized she could just walk away with the key fob to thwart the attempted auto theft — because it can’t be put in drive without it. We’re told she simply walked away nonchalantly.

As she did, a second suspect pulled up in a getaway car, hopped out, ran to the back of her Rolls and grabbed a red duffel bag. Both he and the first suspect jumped in their vehicle and fled.

Clean getaway, but according to the report they didn’t get much. The duffel bag was the only item stolen, and it only contained some clothing.

Cops say Lori didn’t complain of any injuries and refused medical treatment. She told police she was returning from Whole Foods, so cops are looking to see if any surveillance cameras may have captured the suspects tailing her into the lot.

Originally Published — 1:00 AM PT

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